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Meeting Agenda for September 25, 2012

Vital Stats

  • 20 members, 4 guests
  • Google Hangout was not running
  • Started 7:00, adjourned 7:26


  • Introductions and Project Updates from Members and Guests
  • Laser cutters will hopefully be up and running tonight, new lens and power supply came in, Tom is working on it
  • Reminder: Bay View Gallery Night is Friday at Alterra. Join us!
    • Pete's Laser Mania
    • Matt's Robot
    • Jason's Synthesizers
    • Brant's LED Touch Lights
    • Tables, strip outlets, extension cords needed
  • Reminder: BarCampMilwaukee7 is Oct 6th/7th, 2012. (We'll be doing the Nerdy Derby on Saturday night.)
    • Raspberry Pi round table planned
  • Pumpkin Pavillion
    • Royce working on pumpkin robots/puppets
  • Amendment to By-Laws for Board Creation
    • Growing larger, desire for representative governance
    • Begin voting to pass the amendment tonight
    • Board elections to start next week and run one week for first three positions, then next four week after
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