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Meeting Agenda for September 18, 2012

Vital Stats

  • 19 members, 6 guests (Sean, Boyd, Patrick, Eric, John, Zach)
  • Meeting started at 7:03, adjourned at 7:46
  • Google Hangout was running (no one joined)


  • Introductions and Project Updates from Members and Guests
  • Reminder: Bay View Gallery Night is next week Friday.
  • Landlord will be using more squares space and freeing RV space
    • Joe's and Willie's boats
    • Everything north of Matt's cabana needs to be relocated
  • Nerdy Derby - should we do a test run at the space before BarCamp?
  • Update on Bay View Pumpkin Pavilion (Royce)
  • Update on status of laser cutters (all three!)
  • Discuss governance/board of directors proposal (Royce & JasonG)
    • Timing of transition
    • Before logistics of the move
    • Non-profit status discussed
    • Email notice to be sent out
  • Update on Lenox
    • Offer accepted
    • Real estate LLC being set up, talk to Tom Grz.
    • Hope to close by October 1st
  • Frank B. reinstated, available on weekends
  • Matt W. interested in non-profit projects, blog posts
  • Demo of MESSSSSESSS by Kevin B. after the meeting
  • Meeting Adjourns
  • Any interested new members, see Jason Gessner or Royce Pipkins to sign up!
  • One On One Introductions of Members to Guests
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