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Meeting Agenda for July 31, 2012

Vital Statistics

  • 18 members, 6 guests attended
  • Google Hangout was not online for the meeting
  • Meeting began at 7:00, adjourned at 8:00 on the dot


  • Introductions and Project Updates from Members and Guests
  • Jesse, guest and friend of Jing, is starting a 3D printing shop in Grand Avenue Mall near Stone Creek Coffee.
  • Maker Faire Detroit & Power Wheel Race ReCap (see video)
    • 7th Place overall
    • 3rd Place in Drag Race
    • Did well in Endurance Race too
    • A lot of fun!
  • New visitor's map for the website, reflecting the new gates and how to find Building 34
    • Pedestrian gate at main fenced-in lot is locked
    • Google Voice number possibly?
      • Twilio could be another option…
    • Problems
  • Reminder: Evanston Mini Maker Faire is August 4th & 5th, 2012

We need to get the following things in order for Evanston:

  1. Projects!
    1. Matt foam projects
    2. Gary printed parts
    3. Shane Periodic Table
    4. Mike Uma Compass Lamp
    5. Royce Access Control Demo
    6. Jason Giant Dice, Jacks
    7. Tom Electric Car, Power Wheels
    8. Laser cut Ant
  2. People
    1. Rich maybe
    2. Tom
    3. Royce
    4. Adam maybe
    5. Jason G.
    6. Mark R. Part-time
  3. Flyers need printing
  4. 10-6 Sunday

Please update the wiki here so i know what's happening:

  • Election Time in early September
    • It would be great for non-founding members
    • Ps:One changed their organization model, Board of Directors, not President/Vice
    • Group had four or five people interested in volunteering for Board positions
  • Makerbot Replicator
    • Matt N. offered to run a class and sign people off
    • Two or three classes, some during week, some on weekend
  • Matt C. noted that Red Bull bounced us from the Flugtag since they had too many entries, but sent us a 4-pack as a consolation prize.
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