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Meeting Notes for July 10, 2012


  • 21 members, 6 guests
  • Google Hangout was not running for this meeting
  • Meeting started at 7:05 and adjourned at 8:10


  • Introductions and Project Updates from Members and Guests
  • Redbull Flugtag Update by Matt Cz.
    • Application filed for Fonz and Shark Jumping Idea
    • Video entry may not be necessary
    • News coming this Friday if we were accepted or not
  • Group purchases
    • Discussed by Ron and Tom
    • LR44 batteries for Matt's miter saw
    • Nuts & washers to complete our common/missing sizes
  • Drill Bits
    • Tom suggested people buy their own sets if they use them frequently
    • The bits for public use are difficult to keep organized and in good repair
  • Missing Tools
    • Rich noted that a $90 pair of channel locks with orange handles has been missing for awhile now
    • There were also five square wrenches for the Craftsman metal lathe and only two remain
    • If anyone knows if these tools got misplaced or stored with other equipment, please let us know
    • Also, wrenches should never be used on the oxyacetylene torch and it should never be dismantled ever
    • Also, one of the outlets on the quad extension cord is dead
  • Tool Permission Forms
    • Brant to type up an email addressing these new forms attached to each machine
    • Everyone needs to get checked out and signed off by an approved trainer
  • Changes to calendar
    • Royce and Jason G. to review after meeting
    • Pete, Tom, Royce, and Jason are interested in Detroit, perhaps Rich and Kevin also
    • Tom suggested getting a U-Haul for the vehicles and equipment then driving people in Dennis' SUV
    • Big Jake is going and the Pink Trike as a pace car only
    • Tom is planning to build a race car over one weekend and time lapse film it
    • A question was raised about the Evanston Maker Faire and if we could bring our own 10×10 pop-up canopy, Jason G thought we'd have to ask the organizers for more space
    • Tom also wants to bring an electric car to show off in Evanston
  • Pinball Factory Tour this Friday
    • Tour begins at 1:30, meet and leave town around 11:30
    • See mailing list for attendees, about 8-10 expected
  • New Member Pamphlet updated and ready for review
    • Shane printed a copy of the latest version
    • Kevin, Brant, and others marked it up
    • We'll discuss more next week
  • Treasurer's Report next week or so
    • Basically doing OK, 60-ish members
    • Jason G. working on updating records and automating many tasks
  • Space 3D Printers
    • See mailing list for more
  • Need help blogging or using the wiki? Ask Pete after the meeting
  • Review cigarette machine hack ideas
  • Do we need a full size refrigerator?
    • Some members say yes
    • Bob D. offered one possibly
    • Tom suggested looking for one cheap on Craigslist
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