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Meeting Notes for June 26, 2012


  • 16 members and 5 guests were present.
  • Google Hangout was not running for this meeting.
  • Introductions and Project Updates from Members and Guests (7:10-7:20)
    • Guests found us through word of mouth, knowing members through other groups, and online searches
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM


  • Makerspace Reorganization/Clean-Up Day
    • Continues to be an extremely poorly attended event.
    • Great work was done last Sunday, but only 5 of our 60+ makers participated.
    • We should move this event to one Tuesday night per month, after a meeting, so if 25+ makers all pitch in, it'll only take 20 minutes.
    • Those present this evening agreed and the first Tuesday of each month was chosen as Clean-Up Day.
    • Royce to speak with Pete P. regarding how to change the online calendar.
      • We may need jason g. or Sean to help with this… — Pete Prodoehl 2012/06/30 09:02
    • Tasks to be completed can be found here: Instructions
  • Group order for casting investment
    • Possible combined Rio Grande order for jewelry/metalcasting
    • Matt Cz., Royce, Frank B., Adam C., and others were interested in contributing.
    • Royce asked that someone make a post on the mailing list.
  • New member orientation check list
    • The group reviewed and edited various parts of this document: New Member Pamphlet
    • Brant agreed to update the “Member Skills” chart so we could continue to track who is signed off on what equipment.
    • Only Kevin, Tom Gz., Rich, and Matt N. are approved to sign people off for being trained on equipment.
    • Royce to ask Shane to edit/format and put info into a pamphlet for printing.
  • Flugtag Video (Shane/Mike)
    • No one from the Flugtag team was present.
  • Dead Fridge
    • Brent and Brant both have mini fridges they are willing to donate.
  • How to make a blog post: 5 minute demo
    • Royce demonstrated how to make a blog post for those who haven't done so.
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