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Meeting Agenda for May 22, 2012

Vital Statistics

  • 17 members
  • 8 guests
  • Google Hangout was online, but no one joined
  • Meeting adjourned around 7:40 PM


Guest introductions/tour

  • Guests reported hearing about MMS from friends, our website, and other members
  • Guests mentioned interests including RC planes, renewable energy, custom cars and rapid prototyping

Member Etiquette

  • Jason G. reminded the group that our message board is public.
  • Avoid negativity and refrain from criticizing other organizations or individuals.
  • Politely police other members if you observe bad behavior.

Red Bull Flugtag!

  • Flugtag is an event sponsored by Red Bull energy drinks where people try to build a human-powered flying machine and crash it hilariously off a dock or pier.
  • Shane asked if anyone was interested and 7-8 people said they were.
  • Possible meeting after the main. (Don't know if this happened?)


  • Makership applications are due May 28, 2012
  • Jason G. said we've received 2 applicants so far
  • Encouraged everyone to keep promoting the program

Evanston Mini-Maker Faire

  • Let's put our application together after the meeting. (Did we do this?)
  • MMS exhibits/items needed.

New Laser Cutter

  • Tom Gondek has almost finished restoring the 60-watt laser cutter.
  • Some work needs to be done to replace the front keypad.
  • We should find a place to put it in the Workshop.
  • It may have motorized z-axis control. Not sure.
  • The workspace is likely 18“x24”; larger than the 25-watt.

Vehicle Parking

  • During the meeting, Tim B. came back from helping TJ load the Kompost Kids Scale Doghouse.
  • He said his vehicle was blocked in and we all reminded everyone to watch where you park.

Alternative Energy Meetup

  • Jack D. plans to start a monthly meetup to discuss alt. energy topics.

The Great Milwaukee Race

  • Jason G. asked for 2-3 volunteers to help man their stop on The Great Milwaukee Race.
  • The event is Saturday, 6/16.

Bucketworks 10th Anniversary Event

  • Scheduled for Friday, 6/8.
  • MMS will have a table or two to set up exhibits and items.
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