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Meeting Agenda for May 15, 2012


  • 22 members (1 by Google Hangout)
  • 3 guests (One guest, Teresa, recently moved from Vancouver B.C. and found us on


  • Kenilworth Arts and Tech Night (Royce)
    • Wednesday, May 16th - 6pm-9pm
    • Arts and Technology Night - 1925 E. Kenilworth Place
    • Adam C. offered to attend and bring MMS flyers
  • Wrap-around Block project Install (Jason H)
    • Saturday, May 19th - Noon-Whenever we get it done.
  • Art Jamboree (Jason H.)
    • Saturday, May 19th - 8pm-2am
    • The Milwaukee Athletic Club, must RSVP
  • Frolics Parade Update (Jason G./David O.)
    • It may not be dead yet, a secret donor may step up.
  • Makership Promotion (Jason G./Pete P.)
    • We need names, emails, flyers, etc.
    • No applicants yet
  • New Laser Cutter!?
    • 60 watt laser
    • Being loaned/restored by Tom Gondek
    • Needs work, chlorine gas corrosion from cutting PVC
  • Cleaning up/staying organized
    • Put tools back where you got them and take care of our tools! (see Rich's email)
    • Growing problem, wrenches not put away, tape measures, etc.
    • Roll up extension cords
    • Group discussed options, first step will be to create some reminder signs and nag others politely
  • Fire Pit Status
    • Tom Gz. said he won't be around next weekend and the fire pits will be completed
    • He asked someone help clean up after they're done, Brant offered to do so
  • Startup Weekend
  • Space Tour representation at Bucketworks
    • June 8th
    • 10th Anniversary of Bucketworks that day too
    • Sponsored by Art Milwaukee and the Greater Milwaukee Committee
    • Space available to MMS for the event
  • Learn 2 Solder Kit Status
    • Royce to look into parts needed
    • We definitely want to have these available for upcoming events
  • Rental Space Update
    • Matt C. noted a location in the Fifth Ward and that a potential landlord would visit our current space this Friday at noon
    • Matt C. also noted there may be space to rent at the Mini Warehouse Storage Facility near The Transfer.
    • Jason G., Brent B., and Tom Gz. discussed the Starfire Building briefly. It had been rejected as too expensive and had both some pros and cons.
  • Jason G. said he and Pete P. have been busy so the Arduino Class has been postponed.
  • Meeting Adjourned at 7:55 PM
  • Everyone spend 15 minutes organizing the shop and lab immediately after the meeting (Did this happen?)
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