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Meeting Agenda for May 01, 2012


  • Members: 21 members (1 by Google Hangout)
  • Guests: 4 guests


  • Jewelry and Metalsmithing Summer Workshops at Peck School of the Arts (see brochures from Pete)
  • 3DPrintingCampWisconsin this summer (Pete)
  • New policy/methods in regards to circuit board etching (Tom & Royce)
    • Do not etch circuit boards in the Lab
    • No more acid baths, please use the sink.
    • Jason G. mentioned comments and concerns on Reddit link
    • Royce agrees
    • Equipment to help meter out volumes of chemicals would also help, AS&S was mentioned
  • New video tour & group photo after the meeting (David O.)
  • Home Depot event? (see sign posted on door out front?)
    • All people
  • Pictures from Wraparound Milwaukee
    • Kids are painting the wooden cubes currently, several done
    • Rich suggested someone work on a MMS logo cube for the finished sculpture
    • Spare cubes up for grabs? Bar dice?
  • Countertop ideas in Lab
    • More laminate or sheet metal possibly, look for materials
    • Brant working on this
  • Finalizing the Makership stuff tonight… last chance for comments/input! (Pete)
    • Discussion with first panel members tonight after meeting
    • 3 month commitments
    • 1 per every 3 months
    • List of contacts includes local colleges
  • Katie with Milwaukee Public Theater
    • All City Peoples Parade event, similar to May Day Parade in Minneapolis
    • Goal is to unite different parts and people throughout the city
    • Greater MKE Foundation grants received
    • Building in Grand Avenue Mall
    • Looking for collaboration between their artists and our tech savvy makers
    • $3K materials budget, donations and recycled materials
    • Timing/schedule: same weekend as LaborFest typically, but this year it will be July 27th, partners with youth agencies/summer programs that conclude that week
    • Maker Faire Detroit is also that weekend
    • Jason G and Tom and Rich suggested joining our mailing list and possibly some meetings between makers and artists
    • Community brainstorming sessions
    • Pete asked if Bucketworks had been involved, only in the past it seems
  • South Shore Frolics Parade
    • July 14th or not at all
  • Space Tour (Jason H.)
    • Meeting at MiKE in Grand Avenue Mall this Friday
    • Greater Milwaukee Committee and Alliance
    • $150 needed for buses
    • June 8th event from 6-9pm to tour other spaces
  • Retractors from Ace Hardware haul
    • Tom G. looking for the zip cord retractors
  • Makergear Mosaic (3d printer) brought in tonight for show
  • Meeting Adjourns
  • Any interested new members, see Jason Gessner or Royce Pipkins to sign up!
  • One On One Introductions of Members to Guests
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