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Meeting Notes for April 24, 2012


  • 22 members (2 via Google Hangout)
  • 1 guest



  • Google Hangout was running
  • Reminder: An unconference for Access Control in Hacker/Makerspaces is happening Saturday, April 28 - 10am-4pm at Bucketworks (more info)
  • Roof leaks - renting a scissor lift for $100 (Brant/Ron)
    • Tom Grz. can bring a scissor lift over
    • Tom Grz. to send roof leak map to Mike Doro and ask for scissor lift
  • “Space tour” possibly sponsored by Johnson Controls Fri June 8, 6-9pm (Jason H)
  • June 8th MKE Innovation/Art Milwaukee event at Bucketworks (Brant/Jason G.)
  • Recap of Spring Gallery Night 2012 (Jason/Brant)
    • Our location was off
    • Promotion and involvement needed earlier
    • More signage for future events, pointing to our booth
  • Art Jamboree (Pete)
    • Lee Ann Garrison (from UWM)
    • Makership mentioned and other topics
  • South Shore Frolics parade canceled this summer
    • UPDATE: Stuff is happening that may put the parade back on!
    • W. B. Bottle Meeting tomorrow night, Jason G. will attend
    • Many groups fund different parts of parade and event
  • Someone from Milwaukee Public Theatre visiting the space next week.
  • Challenge for Great Milwaukee Race. Let's outdo the giant jacks!
    • Scavenger hunt and race, Jason G and his wife participate with
    • More
  • Project Remake contest deadline is May 14, 2012. There are 5 MakerBots being given away, and only 25 entries so far! (Pete and Ben both entered.)
  • Matt F. - CRT and computer converted to aquarium and hydroponic terrarium
  • Before and after photos needed, and a small narrative
  • Reminder: 9th Annual Green Vehicles Workshop at MATC - Friday, May 4, 2012 from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
    • There is an entry fee
  • Kenilworth Studio at UWM visit
    • Jason and Pete gave recap
    • Hung out with Frankie Flood (metals) and Raul V. (printmaker)
    • They were very enthusiastic about finally meeting us
    • Summer workshops in metalsmithing and “jewelry”, not for credit
    • Anodizing workshop also
    • We left him a lot of our business cards
  • CNC routing to make wood blocks for print making and pressing
  • Welding supplies, Tom Grz. refilled CO2 tank, $80, please donate
  • Project updates
    • Matt N - Foam blocks, plans to buy his own CNC mill
    • Jason G - Version 1 of step sequencer program in Processing and DDR pad
    • TJ - Asked about the hydraulic press and making alloys/composites, Tom Grz. said he got it at an auction, have at it, 20-40 tons
    • Adam C - MagneTag ready for production tag, great experience at Gallery Night
    • Vise and table needed - TJ needs help, Matt N volunteered, Tom Grz. to bring in some more steel
    • Rich N - Electric truck running
  • Hein Electric Building
    • Rent, utility, water, sewer, trash, etc. costs
    • Waiting to hear from Bucketworks, if they are interested
    • Jason G asked who may want to see Cherry St. bldg
  • Latin Community Center
    • Heat? A/C?
    • Bucketworks may be interested also
    • 2 floors, lots of room
    • 23,000 sq ft
    • Tim
  • David B - Aging copper, having trouble create a patina
    • Cleaning thoroughly
    • Not an acid needed
    • A base is needed, toilet cleaner or hydrogen sulfide
  • Pete - Fixing a porcelain lamp fixture
  • Dave S - Flight sim cockpit
    • pulleys and roller bearings binding
    • help needed
    • bronze bushings or del-ron (sp?)
  • Ron B - Cross-cut sled for table saw
    • He has bars to build the sled if anyone wants to do it
    • Box joint jig idea, but no time to work on
    • Rich N - has a dovetail jig he can bring in
  • Meeting Adjourns
  • Any interested new members, see Jason Gessner or Royce Pipkins to sign up!
  • One On One Introductions of Members to Guests
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