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Meeting Notes for April 17, 2012


  • 16 members
  • 5 guests



  • Google Hangout was not running

Maker Faire Detroit

  • A guest from the Henry Ford Museum (I can't seem to find her name, anyone?) spoke to us about Maker Faire Detroit 2012
  • Flyers and pins were handed out

Roof Leaks

  • Pictures were taken of the new leaks
  • Tom Grz. to contact maintenance
  • Some members brought in tarps for people to use as needed (thank you!)

Rental Properties

  • Update on Cherry St. tour
  • This is the Hein Electrical Building at 1445 N. 5th Street
  • The building is large inside and has ample room, however it's outside of our budget.
  • The first floor has a small office/retail area built inside (building within a building)
  • Heating would likely be expensive.

Upcoming Events

Meeting Adjourned at 7:50 PM

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