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Meeting Notes for April 10, 2012


  • 25 members (3 by Google Hangout)
  • 1 guest



  • Google Hangout was running
  • Introductions and Project Updates
  • Tom Grz. suggested that the newly arrived bookshelf be used for components in the Library. No one could identify who brought it in, but the group agreed barring any protest in the next few days.
  • Tim B. thanked everyone for their advice on the mailing list regarding switching cable companies.
  • Bret D. offered anyone who wanted it a free weed whacker.
  • There was talk of a Henry Ford Center Coordinator visiting on 4/17.

Guest List Emails

  • We have two books of guest names and email addresses from meetings and events.
  • Sean M. started a spreadsheet on Google Docs, but nothing has been added since last year.
  • Brant had offered to enter the names, but never got around to it.
  • Shane offered to take care of the data entry this week and Brant got him access to the Google Docs file.
  • Royce thought that Pete may have some plans for the list once it's done.

Digikey Order

  • Order will be placed this week.
  • Anyone interested should get their order info to Tom ASAP.
  • Royce made a note to order more tie-pin materials.

Common Pitch Milwaukee

  • Adam C. expressed interest in Common Pitch Milwaukee; an event for entrepreneurs to present ideas to an audience of designers, mentors, business owners, etc.
  • Adam C.'s idea is to raise funding to support classes and programs at Milwaukee Makerspace.
  • Matt F. suggested possibly holding summer classes or programs.
  • The group responded positively and a quick poll resulted in support for the idea.
  • Anyone interested should speak with Adam C. on the topic.

Classes and Demos

  • Shane T. would like to host a Blender Workshop.
  • Jason G. and others suggested he begin promoting well in advance and ask that people bring their own laptops with Blender installed.
  • Mark R. would like to host a Spice Workshop for circuit simulation and analysis.
  • TJ offered to bring in stone/tile cutting tools and demonstrate them. Matt N. and others showed interest.
  • Planned for Friday, April 20th at Bucketworks.
  • More discussion next week Tuesday.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:37 PM

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