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Meeting Notes for April 3, 2012


  • 22 members
  • 4 guests



  • Introductions and Project Updates
  • Marion from Kompost Kids reminded everyone there will be a compost giveaway this April 21st.
  • Jason G. noted that we have 48 members as of today, 4/3.

Building Discussions

Sweetwater Building

  • A group of members will create a list of needed improvements before the space is considered.
  • Royce P., Tom Gondek, Tom Gralewicz, and Brant to meet after the meeting.
  • The list to be shared with the membership at next week's meeting?

Mallory Building

  • Still being considered
  • Bucketworks, Friday, 4/20
  • Volunteers and attendees so far include Pete P., Jason G., Brant, and Royce P.
  • Next Gallery Night we should try to promote ourselves more and earlier.

Indoor Roof

  • We have not been able to track down a scissor lift so other ideas have been considered.
  • A basket for the forklift may be an option, Tom G. is looking for one

Update on Makership program

  • Pete P. suggested we begin as early as May if everything is in order.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:35 PM

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