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-====== Meeting ​Agenda ​for March 27, 2012 ======+====== Meeting ​Notes for March 27, 2012 ======
-Topics:+===== Attendance ===== 
 +  * 16 members 
 +  * 3 guests
 +===== Topics =====
-  * Ask guests to sign the Milwaukee Makerspace Meeting Guest Book +==== Housekeeping ==== 
-  * Introductions ​and Project Updates from Members and Guests +  * Introductions 
-   + 
-  * As the majority of members do not attend meetings, be sure to take electronic meeting notes and send them out on the makerspace list when the meeting adjournsWhere else should these be posted? +==== Agenda Items ==== 
-  * ask for volunteers ​to be a '​member photographer'​ immediately after each meeting.  This person can snap a photo of each new member as they sign up and/or give their dues to Jason.  ​The photo can be immediately added to the member wall. +  * Brant has been updating Meeting Agendas ​and converting ​them to Meeting Notes on the wiki
-  * Ask Members ​to add topics and fill out their opinions ​on the  ​[[https://​​spreadsheet/​ccc?​key=0AkvaVY_ny6lGdDM3Q0M1aDJGb0hRY1RnWEQtLTZlZWc#​gid=0|List of space requirements form]] ​  +  * Links to meeting ​notes will be updated ​and also posted ​to mailing list from now on. 
-  * **Insert your topics here**+  * Brant noted he updated ​the member ​photo wall this past Sunday and will get pictures of people he's missed
 +  * Royce presented the Space Requirements Form on the Google Group and asked members ​to add topics and fill out their opinions ​ [[https://​​spreadsheet/​ccc?​key=0AkvaVY_ny6lGdDM3Q0M1aDJGb0hRY1RnWEQtLTZlZWc#​gid=0|List of space requirements form]]  ​ 
 +==== Kompost Kids ==== 
 +  * Marion from [[http://​​|Kompost Kids]] presented about her group and mentioned there will be a compost giveaway this April 21st. 
 +  ​Anyone interested in volunteering should contact TJ or Marion. 
 +  ​TJ also mentioned two websites for those interested in gardening and landscaping:​ [[http://​​]] and [[http://​​]] 
 +==== Meeting Adjourned at 7:40 PM ====
-  * Meeting Adjourns 
-  * Any interested new members, see Jason Gessner or Royce Pipkins to sign up! 
-  * One On One Introductions of Members to Guests 
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