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Meeting Notes for March 20, 2012


  • 21 members
  • 3 guests


Agenda Items

Dust Collection for the Wood Shop

  • Matt N. noted that the belt sander has a broken power switch. He will be replaced it soon.
  • We discussed bringing permanent power to the Wood Shop. Joe B. has an electrician he knows that may be able to help.
  • Two to four 20 amp circuits, with breakers, receptacle boxes, and conduit may cost $100-$200

Milwaukee Makerspace "Makership"

  • Introduce a Milwaukee Makerspace “Makership” where we sponsor a maker's membership.
  • One idea would be to sponsor someone to complete a project in the space for us.
  • Another would be to flat out sponsor a person.
  • Joe B. noted other organizations he's been involved with that had similar programs.
  • Jason G. explained projects at
  • People interested in this so far include Pete, Brant, Kevin, and Sean.
  • It was noted students will need to upgrade their memberships when they graduate.
  • A summer internship was also considered.

ReCap of the Tool at Hand Challenge

  • Kevin, Jason H., Pete, and Shane attended the event last week at Sweet Water Organics.
  • Pete noted we got some good PR and maybe even a contact with WUWM.


  • DamCamp (BarCamp Beaver Dam) is happening on Saturday, 3/24. (Sponsored by the Beaver Dam Makerspace Project)

Make: Beta Team

Meet Tim Syth, the new Executive Director of BucketWorks

  • BucketWorks is hosting WordPress Meetups.
  • Gallery Night is taking place Friday, April 20th and we will be in attendance to represent Makerspace and help give tours.
  • A 28-hour hack-a-thon called BuildHealth is scheduled for 4/14-4/15.

Rental Spaces

  • Jason G. looked at a new place in the same lot as Sweet Water Organics.
  • The space has ~6,000 sq.ft., overhead doors, vehicle docks, etc.
  • A tour for other members will be planned for this Saturday at 1:00 PM.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:00 PM

  • After the meeting Pete took photos of makers (doing some making) for the web site.
  • Brant and Ron discussed a canopy inside to the catch the leaks, but there might be repairs to the roof coming soon from the landlord.
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