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Meeting Agenda for February 28, 2012


  • 24 members
  • 3 guests


Guests found us through

  • Googling makerspaces and DIY groups while in Phoenix
  • A friend of David O.
  • Spreenkler/MiKE

Review of Processing Class

  • Held last week (Jason G, Mike M, and Pete P)
  • Had 4 attendees, decent size given the content
  • Promotion could have been better
  • Exposition vs. hands-on learning discussed
  • Organizers trading notes with a similar class in Pittsburgh
  • Will likely hold this class again in a few months

Upcoming Events

Art Jamboree at City Hall

  • Anything we need to prepare for this? We should write up a blog post to promote it.
  • No light-up pins will be brought, hard to make with layout and schedule
  • Drawbot and Makerbot will be there
  • Pete P, Adam C, Jason H and others to attend


  • Panel next week
  • Steve is our contact there
  • MMS to consider/offer setting up a slot machine video kiosk at MiKE?
  • Slot machine project started (Tom G, Brant H, Mike D)

Riverwest Aluminum Pour

  • Sunday, 3/11 at 1 PM
  • Guy L, Bret D, Matt N, Royce P all interested
  • See mailing list for location

Reality Show Audition Videos

  • David O. produced videos last weekend, see mailing list for links


  • Someone proposed we designate “champions” or “czars” to organize and manage certain tools or areas, similar to PS:One
  • Kevin did a “One Tool” artwork demonstration after the meeting!
  • Meeting adjourned at 8:02 PM
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