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Meeting Minutes for February 7, 2012


  • 17 members
  • 5 guests


Zombie Makers

  • The question was posed that we perhaps have a special membership class/rate for late night members.
  • No specific action was taken at this meeting.

Maker Faires in 2012

  • Link to wiki page and sign-ups if you would like to attend Maker Faires
  • Kansas City and Detroit were discussed briefly.

Bus Stop Update

Tie Pin Parts

  • We need to order/make more tie pin soldering kit components.
  • Tom Gr. and Royce to review previous orders for part numbers.

Art Jamboree

One-tool art object visitor recap

Panel Saw

  • Matt N. gave an update on his craigslist find and a collection was taken up to defray the $450 cost.
  • It will be delivered on Wednesday 2/15 around 6 PM.
  • Matt will be using Rich's trailer to bring it to the space and will need some volunteers to help unload it.

Green Energy Summit

  • March 7-10, 2012 at the Frontier Airlines Center in Milwaukee
  • Electric car exhibits discussed
  • Interested parties should talk to Tom Gr. and Ben N.
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