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Meeting Minutes for January 24, 2012


  • 16 members
  • 2 guests



  • No one opposed Kevin's suggestion to refer to the “Milwaukee Makerspace Meeting Guest Book” as the “MMMGB”


  • We passed the hat for Ron to order.
  • Pete had asked if he could donate via Dwolla, even if he was at the meeting.

Maker Faires in 2012

CMKT4 Visit

  • CMKT4 will visit to give a contact mic and circuit bending workshop on Saturday, 1pm!

Cleanup Sunday

  • Space Improvement workshop (Sunday, 10am?) Pallet Rack Addition? Power Wash Portion of Floor?

Art Milwaukee Partnership

  • Jason H

Recruiting More Members

  • Advertising
  • Membership Coupon
  • Classes
  • Pitch story ideas to publications


  • 2'x4' tables in lab
  • Quick midwest makerspace update and class info from jason
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