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-====== Meeting ​Agenda ​for January 3, 2012 ======+====== Meeting ​Minutes ​for January 3, 2011 ======
-Topics:+===== Attendance ===== 
 +  * 19 members 
 +  * 5 guests
-  * Ask guests to sign the Milwaukee Makerspace Meeting Guest Book+===== Topics =====
 +==== Housekeeping ====
 +  * Introductions
 +  * Guests were then asked to sign the Guest Book and offered a tour while the members discussed business matters.
 +  * Set a date for missed Makerspace Cleanup/​Organization day!  The upcoming weekend was chosen.
 +  * Later in the meeting, Jason G. asked that members pay their dues by the 7th of the month when they receive invoices.
 +  * Invoices will be automated in the coming weeks.
 +==== New Stickers ====
   * Should we buy more Milwaukee Makerspace Stickers?   * Should we buy more Milwaukee Makerspace Stickers?
 +      * If we do, can we get smaller ones?  Sizes discussed.
 +      * It was also suggested that we don't need the QR code.
 +  * Quantities were discussed and Ron offered to get a quote before an order is placed. ​
 +==== Voting Rules ====
   * Review Makerspace voting rules for important topics: Voting in absentia or by proxy?   * Review Makerspace voting rules for important topics: Voting in absentia or by proxy?
-  * Set date for missed Makerspace Cleanup/​Organization day! This Sunday?+  * The group discussed various concerns and ultimately decided that members will be notified at least one week in advance of important votes via email. 
 +  * Voting by email will be the primary way for members voting in absentia. 
 +==== Exploring Non-Profit Status ==== 
 +  * Benefits of being non-profit organization (NPO) include tax breaks and the ability to solicit donations more easy. 
 +  * Sector67 in Madison offers classes and has at least one person in charge of the space full time. 
 +  * Both Bret D. and Matt N. explained their past experiences working in NPOs and offered their suggestions ​for pursuing this. 
 +  * It was noted that tax breaks would likely not absolve us of property taxes if we do not own the building outright. 
 +==== Public Relations News ==== 
 +  * Jason G. met with Anne Petersen of Pumping Station One and School Factory last week in Chicago. 
 +  * Stan Miller from The Journal Sentinel plans to visit the space this Thursday.
-  ​Insert your topics here+==== Project Updates ==== 
 +  ​Shane shared some CNC router notes for Blender. 
 +  * Bret D. explained some of the finer details of his future casting furnace project. ​  
 +    * A lot of smoke is generated during the process so it will likely need to be done outside with few neighbors around. 
 +    * Both foam and resin-bonded casting were discussed. 
 +    * Aluminum and bronze can be a 1-2 man operation for pouring, possibly 3 people. 
 +    * Bret plans to fund the furnace and is looking for volunteers to help work on it with him.  Several members expressed interest. 
 +    * He will need space to store it when not in use.
-  * Project Updates from Members and Guests 
-  * Meeting Adjourns 
-  * One On One Introductions of Members to Guests 
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