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 +{{ areas:​7adc4811-7998-424a-8479-9589f6faa13c_1000.jpg|}}
 +The Aquverse a6500 Hot/Cold Bottleless Water Cooler is the successor to the ill-fated "​Self-Filling Water Cooler"​ built by a <​del>​member</​del>​ former member of the Milwaukee Makerspace. Unlike its predecessor,​ the a6500 is capable of reaching steaming hot temperatures in the range of **75-93 Degrees Centigrade (167-200 Degrees Fahrenheit)! This means that the hot water is hot!** The cold water is around 1-7 Degrees Centigrade (34-45 Degrees Fahrenheit). The filters need to be replaced after every 750 gallons of water. A system of quantitative measurement is being devised, but the best estimates seem to indicate that replacing the filter annually (in May) should be adequate.
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