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Tool Fob System


To unlock high price storage (ie power hand tools) or turn on dangerous or expensive equipment

Bill of Materials

Material Name QTY Link Description Key Features ~Cost
Pi 1 Any Pi will do depending on Wi-Fi requirements Microcontroller with wifi/ethernet support
Screen 1 3.5“ 480×320 SPI Screen A Screen that will interface with above microcontroller
2.54mm straight single row headers 2x 4pin, 1x 6pin, 1x 3pin, 1x 2pin they are headers that fit into the hat board
2.54mm straight double row headers 2×20 pin
12vdc to 5vdc buck converter @ 3a 1 5v regulators to drop the 12v supply down, verify with meter they are calibrated correctly 12vdc to 5vdc
12vdc power supply, 110 -220vac to 12vdc 1
IP65 Waterproof access Control Card, with RFID IC Reader 1 IP65 Waterproof Access Control Card Slave Reader Wiegand 26 34 Card for Door Access Control System Rfid IC Reader KR602E 18
5v 2 channel relay module 1 (optional) 5V 2 Channel Relay Module Low Level Triggered 2-Way 2CH Relay Module with Optocoupler Expansion for Arduino ARM PIC AVR DSP 10a relay 0.50
125KHZ Long Range card reader 1 (optional)
Pi Fob Reader V3 Hat Board 1 Custom designed breakout board for fob reader



Decisions on how to install equiptment

Brute Force

  • Works great for simple motor applications, plainer, jointer, mill, lathe, ect.
  • When using this method, think about “if this tool lost power while using it, what would happen”
  • If injury could occur, use the “elegant” method.
  • Direct interruption of power lines, this is applicable for single phase (120vac @ 10amps) tools with the simple relay board or if you employ a larger contactor 3 phase pieces of equipment up to the rating of the contactor.


  • interruption of the start circuitry or running circuitry.
  • requires knowledge of basic circuitry
  • more involved install
  • uses relay board part (xx) to intrurupt controls rather than power circuits

Historical info

A spinoff of the Door Access System, see Access Control System
* Access Control System

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