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Silk Screen Printing Rig


  • Richardson Industries, Westerville, OH
  • Includes Model #445 Hot Shot Heater


  • 4 screen holders on rotary wheel
  • 120v/1ph/60Hz, 20 amp heater

Current Status



East Room, Lenox

On lend from


2010/05/01 - Arrived at Makerspace
2012/12/31 - Moved to Lenox

Approved Trainers

Approved Members

  • Bret
  • Brent
  • Andrea A.
  • Asim
  • Rik
  • Melissa
  • Kathy C.


  • Pete Prodoehl has been appointed Area Champion for the screen printing area. If you have questions, please ask him.
  • Tom Gondek is an expert user, in fact, he owns the machine. :)
  • If you're not an expert, please use only water-based inks, not the Plastisol inks!
  • There are a number of consumables such as ink, tape, spray glue, and possibly vinyl and transfer paper. Please make sure you replenish what you use.
  • Clean up! Screen printing is messy, especially for beginners. Make sure you clean the squeegees and screens and the machine itself. Don't leave a mess for the next person.
  • If you are using vinyl (or another temporary masking/template solution) and water-based inks, feel free to use any of the blank screens kept in the screen printing area.
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