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MakerBot Cupcake CNC

The MakerBot Cupcake is located in the Lab. You can use the PC that is on the table to control it, or install ReplicatorG on your own computer. (The profile files/folders should be stored on the SD card in the MakerBot, which you can copy to your own machine.)

The Cupcake has the DC motor extruder, not the stepper motor extruder.

We print with 3mm ABS filament. Don't attempt to print with PLA unless you ask Drew Dominguez first. Don't try to print with 1.75mm filament, as that won't work.

Kapton tape on the Heated Built Platform seems to work better than blue painters tape. (There should be a roll floating around the Lab if you need to replace it.)

Temperature for the extruder: 210 deg F
Temperature for the HBP: 110 (YMMV)

Resident Experts: Drew Dominguez and Pete Prodoehl
Up-And-Coming Expert: Matt Neesley

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