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"Jabberjaw" 40-watt ULS Laser Cutter


  • Universal Laser Systems / ULS-?
  • S/N Unknown
  • Built date


  • 19mm dia / 50.6 mm Focal Length ZnSe Lens
  • Work Area: 24“ x ?”
  • No air assist
  • IP Address: ?

Current Status



  • Current: East Room, left side
  • Computer: Plastics Lab Laptop


  • Spiral-bound book titled “X25/50/100 Users Manual”
  • Even more documentation, manuals, etc in green manila folder

Material Settings


  • 2023 - Arrived at Makerspace?


  • Do not bump the machine while it is running, the magnetic safeties are sensitive and will kill the laser if it thinks the lid is open.
  • Please read about the ventilation system.
  • The Laser Cutter is expensive and dangerous. DO NOT leave it unattended. Things can start on fire.
  • Some jobs take a long time to run. If you need to run to the bathroom or something, find someone to watch it for you.
  • A full tutorial is in progress: Laser Cutter HOW TO
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