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-====== Dust Collector ======+====== ​"​Green" ​Dust Collector ======
 {{:​equipment:​dustcollector1.jpg?​200|}}\\ {{:​equipment:​dustcollector1.jpg?​200|}}\\
 Grizzly Industrial S/N #8872583\\ Grizzly Industrial S/N #8872583\\
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 Made in 2006\\ Made in 2006\\
 On loan from Jason H\\ On loan from Jason H\\
 Motor: 3HP, 2-pole, induction, 3450 RPM\\ Motor: 3HP, 2-pole, induction, 3450 RPM\\
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 Approximate shipping weight: 170 lbs.\\ Approximate shipping weight: 170 lbs.\\
 Optional Replacement Bags: G5556 Upper Bag; T20543 Lower Bag\\ Optional Replacement Bags: G5556 Upper Bag; T20543 Lower Bag\\
 +[[equipment:​dustcollector1ducts|Dust Collector Duct System]]
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