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Miniature Painting Class - Basics

This will be my first time in a long while teaching a miniature painting class, and my first class at the Makerspace, so things may be a little rough around the edges.

This first class will focus on the basics. How to prepare and do a basic paintjob on a model to make it look good on the table. If it goes well I'll do more classes covering basics and more advanced topics based on demand.

This will be held in either the front table near the entrance, the craft area, or the main meeting room depending on what's available. We could even do it on the large table in the back near the leather crafting area. I'll bring some lamps from home. If members have their own lamps I recommend they bring them.

Please sign up by sending email to and let me know if you will bring your own miniatures/paints/brushes, of if you will need to have a miniature and brushes provided.

Cost to members is free if bringing own supplies. $15 if you need a miniatures/paints/brushes provided. Cost to non-members is $5 if bringing own supplies, and $20 if you need a miniature/paints/brushes.

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