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Leather-working Class

Richard B. is exploring the possibility of teaching a leather-working class.

The basic materials for the class would be $30. That would cover an 18 x 24 inch piece of leather (fits into laser cutter) and the buckles and snaps to make a basic satchel/purse.

Example of what you can make. A satchel:


  • Lexie recommends you get “veggie tanned” leather from Tandy Leather at 5606 South 108th Street in Hales Corners. (Veggie Tanning is not toxic, the other types can throw off toxic fumes. So while laser cutting leather may smell bad, the Veggie Tan type won't kill you.)

Interested Members

  • Colleen
  • Pete
  • Lexie
  • John B.
  • Buggs
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