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 ====== Leather-working Class ====== ====== Leather-working Class ======
-Tthe basic materials for the class would be $30. That would cover an 18 x 24 inch piece of leather ​(fits into laser cutter) and the buckles ​and snaps to make a basic satchel/​purse+I would like to schedule ​the class for Saturday February 8th from 10a until everyone finishes ​(awaiting MS board approval). I will need money for class paid by February 1st so I can get all the materials ​and obtain any tools that the participants order. If you are interested, you can call or text me at 231-735-3528 ​and we can start the registration process. I can take credit cards in person, checks dropped off, or cash in person
 +The basic materials for the class would be $30. That would cover an 18 x 24 inch piece of leather (fits into laser cutter), rivets, d-ring'​s and the buckles to make a basic satchel/​purse. ​
 +I believe I have enough tools to go around for a class of 10-15 people (who can use my tools). I can teach up to 25-30 but some participants will need to get tools also. Below is a list of tools. The tools with *'s next to them are essential and will be used a lot. If you would like your own tools please let me know when you are registering. ​
 +Tools we will use:
 +*Small Hole punch set $14 - Includes 6 sized punch heads and can be used with drill press (important)
 +*Tubular rivet tool $14
 +*Sewing awl (stitching leather)$10 (really useful for this project)
 +1" heavy duty punch $60(not critical)
 +Items I could uses a source for:
 +3" nylon webbing. I can order it from Michigan, but if there is a retail source locally, that would help.
 +If someone could look at this and figure out an easy way to make them:
 +If you would like to laser engrave something into your satchel, please let me know ahead of time and we can get that scheduled. I would like to avoid doing the engraving the day of class if possible. It takes a while. ​
 Example of what you can make. A satchel: Example of what you can make. A satchel:
 ==== Interested Members ==== ==== Interested Members ====
-  * Pete+  * Colleen 
 +  * Lexie 
 +  * John B. 
 +  * Buggs 
 +  * Kevin B. 
 +  * Bob T. 
 +  * Charlene 
 +  * Jim K. 
 +  * Jose Velez 
 +  * Bunnie H. 
 +  * David D. 
 +  * Matt G. 
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