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Classes Hosting How To

We've borrowed liberally from HackPGH's page ClassHostingHowTo, but we'll end up editing this to fit Milwaukee Makerspace as time goes on…

Hosting Classes at Milwaukee Makerspace

Important Questions

When planning your class, please consider these questions:

  1. What do you want to teach, and how do you want to teach it?
    • What is the format for the class?
    • How long do you expect the class to take?
  2. How many people do you expect will take the class?
    • Try to gauge interest on the mailing list, or by asking around at the space.
  3. How much will the class cost overall? Per-person?
    • Price it so that all part/kits costs are covered.
    • Per-person costs should include a Member price and a Non-Member price (The members price should be cheaper.)
  4. When will you hold the class?

Pre-class Preparation

  1. Submit your proposal and coordinate with the Board to set up registration
  2. Announce and advertise the class
    • List it on the Classes page
    • Add it to the calendar
    • Post on the blog
    • Post about it on the forum
  3. Order any parts and assemble kits
    • Registration cut-off should be about 1 week before the class to allow for part ordering

On the day of the class

  • Arrive early to open up the space, clean up, and set up
    • Don't forget to print out and set up the sign-in sheet and waiver (see below)
  • Teach the class!
  • Clean up!
    • Put tables, chairs, equipment, etc. back where you found them
    • Clean up any food, drink, plates, cups, utensils, etc.
    • Please try to use the dumpster in the alley for food waste. Use the space trash can only if the dumpster is full
  • Turn off all lights and lock up when you leave

Class Equipment

  • Seating - we currently have space for about ????? people to work comfortably on small projects.


The space has a basic set of presentation tools:

  • Projector
  • Speakers
  • Computer


  • Liability / waivers
    • Combo sign-in sheet and waiver ??????

Ordering Parts/Kits

If you need to order parts or assemble kits for your class, make sure to leave plenty of time between the close of registration and the date of the class itself. Parts and kits should be ordered using the registration money.

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