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''Ceramics 101''

This class is required if you want to work in the Maker Space Ceramics and Pottery Area.

This class is designed to give you an overview of the ceramics process. Ceramics 101 is meant as a starting point. “Ceramics is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable of all hobbies, and one of the safest, if some simple commonsense precautions are taken. As with any activity, responsibility must be taken for safe practices. General rules of good housekeeping and common sense should be applied when doing ceramics. Following simple rules will ensure your safety and help you produce great results when creating a ceramic project.”

The first hour is spent discussing Materials, Tools along with Health and Safety. You will receive a hard copy of the Ceramics 101 Booklet prepared by Mayco for your use. ceramics101.pdf

Current Classes Scheduled

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Wednesday January 28, 2015 7 pm

  1. marygalloway
  2. leslieannalfaro
  3. justin.gasal
  4. hmatyas0406
  5. rchlmtchll
  6. Kendra

Friday January 30, 2015 7 pm

  1. melipstick
  2. crimsontales
  3. mpare
  4. andrew
  5. nancy
  6. Minion

Wednesday February 02, 2015 7 pm

  1. teresa

Monday February 09, 2015 7 pm

  1. amatteson908
  2. caitlin
  3. linda
  4. lexie
  5. tmklein
  6. Carl

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