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Ceramics Area

Classes and training upon request to area champion.

Jeff Mann


Classes Available

Ceramics 101 - Basics of working with clay, health and safety, references and resources. This class is required, to work in the Ceramics area.

Basic Classes; Time consisting 1-2 hours of instruction and hands on training.

  • Hand Building- Coils, Pinch and basic techniques
  • Slab Construction- Advanced hand building techniques and larger work.
  • Slip Casting - Basics, cleaning greenware, glaze techniques or painting bisque.
  • Pottery Wheel - The basic cylinder (1 to 3 person class by request)
  • Pottery Wheel - Advanced forms of the cup and bowl
  • Pottery wheel - Advanced forms of the vase
  • Pottery wheel - Advanced forms, thoughts of design and decoration
  • Embellishment of surface with colors before firing
  • Embellishment of surfaces after firing
  • All About Glazes 101

Possible projects;

  • How to make a bat and reclaim clay.
  • Make tile trivet
  • Throw cup, bowls and plates
  • Broken pottery to mosaic
  • Slip cast birds, bunnies, dragons, figures
  • Making silicone push molds for clay
  • The skys the limit, AMA on ceramics
  • Raku

I would like the ceramics area to be free and you only pay for fired work, any donation is greatly appreciated to help achieve this goal.

My Ceramic Resources

Class Dates Available

Due to my hectic schedule, emailing me is the best way to get a class going. If I do schedule one I will post on the member's only board.


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