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Ceramics Area

Classes and training upon request to area champion.

Jeff Mann


Classes Available

Ceramics 101 - Basics of working with clay, health and safety, references and resources. This class is required, to work in the Ceramics area.

Basic Classes; Time consisting 1-2 hours of instruction and hands on training.

  • Hand Building- Coils, Pinch and basic techniques
  • Slab Construction- Advanced hand building techniques and larger work.
  • Slip Casting - Basics, cleaning greenware, glaze techniques or painting bisque.
  • Pottery Wheel - The basic cylinder (1 to 3 person class by request)
  • Pottery Wheel - Advanced forms of the cup and bowl
  • Pottery wheel - Advanced forms of the vase
  • Pottery wheel - Advanced forms, thoughts of design and decoration
  • Embellishment of surface with colors before firing
  • Embellishment of surfaces after firing
  • All About Glazes 101

Possible projects;

  • How to make a bat and reclaim clay.
  • Make tile trivet
  • Throw cup, bowls and plates
  • Broken pottery to mosaic
  • Slip cast birds, bunnies, dragons, figures
  • Making silicone push molds for clay
  • The skys the limit, AMA on ceramics
  • Raku

Most classes are going to be free, I would like donations to the area.

My Ceramic Resources

Class Dates Available

You can contact me either through the makerspace google groups or


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