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Ceramics Area

Classes and training upon request to area champion.


Classes Available

Ceramics 101 - Basics of working with clay, health and safety, references and resources. This class is required, to work in the Ceramics area.

Basic Classes;

  • Polymer Clay - Basics, texturing, making canes, finishes and firing
  • Metal Clay - Basics, texturing, using molds, settings for stones, using a torch or small kiln.
  • Slip Casting - Basics, cleaning greenware, glaze techniques or painting bisque.
  • Hand forming and weaving - Basics, texturing and finishes
  • Pottery Wheel - Basics, Dip or paint. (1 to 3 person class by request)

Possible projects;

  • How to make a bat and reclaim clay.
  • Polymer & Metal Clay beads, pendants, charms.
  • Weave a May or Easter Basket
  • Make tile trivet
  • Roll cut and build a crooked house
  • Throw cup, bowls and plates
  • Broken pottery to mosaic
  • Slip cast birds, bunnies, dragons, figures
  • Making silicone push molds for clay
  • Make your own plaster bat for reclaiming and drying clay

Most classes will be between $3-$10 to cover cost of materials. The only exception would be the metal clay and that would be between $20 to $40 depending on if we use copper, bronze or silver.

My Ceramic Resources

Class Dates Available

You can contact me either through the makerspace google groups or


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