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4x8 CNC

Training 101

  • Speak to Steve P first for cad cam tips, project guidence, etc
  • The training for the 4×8 router is 2 parts
  • Part 1 (takes around an hour) (this class your signing up for)
    • General saftey
    • A general overview of using the machine
    • Part holding strategies
    • Powering on and shutdown
    • Pendent operation
    • Zeroing off
    • Saftey checks
    • Cutting
    • Cleanup
  • Part 2 (Takes at least and hour perhaps more, depends)
  • Steve will look over the working file in the cam program and give you some recomended speeds and feeds etc
  • You will cut your part out, Steve will “look over your shoulder” and actually have you operate the machine

Next Class

  • Please note that if no one is signed up for the class that month it will not be held

Thursday Sep 8, 7PM

  *Put your name here 
  *Cash Myers (Date for September is when?)
  *Adrian Volden

Previous Classes Attendees

  • Steve will maintain this and move names around
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