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Milwaukee Makerspace Board of Directors Meeting - November 18th, 2021


  1. Intro
    1. Take Attendance:
    2. Previous Minutes:
    3. Financial Projections:
  2. Updates on Ongoing Business
    1. Marquette SAE Team
    2. Norwich Lease
    3. Maker Faire
    4. Make48
    5. Space Improvement Day
    6. Membership Engagement
  1. New Business
    1. Hayden Hendersen's Interview Request - Alden
    2. Member Topics
      1. Open for guests
  2. President's Minute



  • Tim C
  • NA

Previous Minutes

  • Meeting called to order by Tim at:

Current Financial Projections

  • Update from Jeff M
  • Membership is currently ; Minimum was ~240 during Covid.

Ongoing Business

Marquette SAE Team

  • They need to reup at the end of the month

Norwich Lease

  • Signed? Done?

Maker Faire Milwaukee

  • Carrie and Stacey no longer involved
  • Back at State Fair Park

Make 48

  • I desperately need help prepping the membership - Tim
  • I can be completely involved, but I'm very tired of communicating to the membership

Space Improvement Day

  • Do we bother this month?

Membership Engagement

Storage Proposal

* Proposal by Tim: all new members must attend Space Improvement Day before being allocated storage space * Encourage new members to interact with current members and the BOD * Helps ensure large groups of volunteers * Adequate persuasion/reward for volunteerism * Will be done on the honor system. * If current members want storage space, they must have participated in an SID within the last 2 to 3 months. * Vote to change rule to reflect the above proposal * Tim C will alert the membership of the proposed change * No action taken, BOD vote slated to occur at December meeting, to be implemented in new year

  • No progress, COVID kinda slowed us all down

Event Proposal

  • Date of Trivia Night
    • 1Q proposed

Membership Signup Materials

* Tim 7/8ths through script for new member video * Upon completion will do rough recording for commentary/feedback * Will break up information between the 2 tours and signup video (goal: have video be ~10 minutes long)

  • Tim burnt out, may or may not have bandwidth to update in the future

New Business

Pre-Planned Discussions

  • Hayden Hendersen's Interview Request
  • COVID Updates
    • Board to Reiterate their positions BEFORE group input
    • Group input. Individuals to be limited to 5 minutes, max. Self-governance will be requested.
  • What is the root of this frustration?
    • Tim's Theory: emotional and administrational strain

Member Topics

President's Minute


  • Meeting was adjourned at:
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