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Milwaukee Makerspace Board of Directors Meeting - December 16th, 2021


  1. Intro
    1. Take Attendance: Tim, Marcus, Alden, Jake, Faith, Mike, Tony, Jeff, Chris + Guests, Dan joined after first vote: Sean & Charlie (not Charlie a.k.a. Otis)
  1. Cheers: Faith - Peanut Butter Whiskey
  2. Previous Minutes: - 6 yeas to ratify
  3. Financial Projections: + 42 members in December, 21 of which are the Marquette team
  4. Updates on Ongoing Business
  5. Marquette SAE Team
    1. Paid month invoice, prob will ask for training in new year, not clear exactly what they'll want/need.
  1. Norwich Lease
    1. Have updated lease for 19593 ft^2, includes space for Neon Area
    2. 100% yeas voted to expand Neon for lease, not including Bill (absent)
    3. Vote for expansion of lease pending, straw poll shows positive votes
  2. Maker Faire
    1. Question on why the delay of final numbers; answer is pledged money has been delayed from several sources(e.g. ROTC, who didn't hit their target numbers for signups is now withholding their pledged money)
    2. Gearbox is currently in the red- One suggestion is to pay Gearbox $3000 (which puts MMS expenditure at upper limit of what MMS budgeted for Makerfaire) with the caveat that MMS would stay involved in MakerFaire in some capacity, but will not be paying additional funds beyond our purchased agreements again.
    3. Vote to reallocate $3000 originally budgeted for MakerFaire signage, to Gearbox Lab, voluntarily, as investment in the long term relationship with Gearbox Lab.
      1. Vote passes 6 yeas to 1 nay
  1. Make48
  2. Initial communication to area champions positive so far. Expecting more info around February 2022
  3. Space Improvement Day on
  4. Move to January 2nd. Suggestion is to have formal SID on Jan 2nd at Norwich, and also move the end of January SID, during which the meeting room long table will move to craft lab area, tall storage moving, etc.
  1. Storage proposal -
    1. vote initially suggested to tie storage to participation in SID/needed SI actions; SOFTEN WORDING AROUND “REQUIREMENT”; perhaps do trial run and evaluate at a later date?
    2. Need to communicate with those members with low activity (6 mos without coming into either space) but that have rented space (which is at a premium at Lenox), as “wellness check” email to be sent automatically to those members.
  1. Membership Engagement
  1. Neon Area Proposal
  1. New Business
    1. Merch?
    2. Prusa Partner Program
    3. Member Topics
      1. Open for guests
  2. President's Minute



  • Tim C
  • NA


  • This month's libation of choice:
  • Provided by: Faith F

Previous Minutes

  • Meeting called to order by Tim at:
  • Last months meeting's minutes

Current Financial Projections

  • Update from Jeff M
  • Membership is currently (Maximum was 380); Minimum was ~240 during Covid.

Ongoing Business

Marquette SAE Team

  • All set through end of February

Norwich Lease

  • Due to rise in price of natural gas and inflation rising at 6%, the price per sq ft in the new lease (current lease expires 12/3/21) needs to be adjusted in the new lease
  • Proposal: Lease to increase $0.015 per square foot for a 3 year lease (increase of $165/month)
  • 1 or 3 year lease
  • Tim C will notify the membership

Update on Lease

  • Need final updated total leases sqft
    • Will inform membership that all future lease signings will be voted on

Maker Faire Milwaukee

  • Call vote to reallocate remaining $3000 of budget
    • Ayes:
    • Nays:
    • Abstains:

Make 48

  • Proposed dates in July, 2022
  • Membership given primer via sizzle reel in recent newsletter
    • Early support from Area Champions

Space Improvement Day

  • Move to January
  • Focus on Lenox
    • Move board desk to increase clean craft space

Membership Engagement

Storage Proposal

  • Proposal by Tim: all new members must attend Space Improvement Day before being allocated storage space
    • Encourage new members to interact with current members and the BOD
    • Helps ensure large groups of volunteers
    • Adequate persuasion/reward for volunteerism
    • Will be done on the honor system.
    • If current members want storage space, they must have participated in an SID within the last 2 to 3 months.
  • Vote to change rule to reflect the above proposal
    • Tim C will alert the membership of the proposed change
  • No action taken, BOD vote slated to occur at December meeting, to be implemented in new year

Final Storage Proposal Voting Terms (need to agree on this to be sent membership-wide)

  1. Any member who wants to add storage space will be required to attend a space improvement day, or have already attended a SID in the past 2 or 3 months
  2. If the member cannot make it to space improvement day, they will be required to find and take on a general improvement task around the space (anything from cleaning to working with an area champion on specific tasks). We are leaving this pretty open. As long as people are being excellent and doing what Mr. Rodgers would do, we leave it to individuals to determine what they view as “adequate” effort based on skill, time, etc. This will extend to community-centered tasks as well, like running a workshop, training, or hands-ons for members or the community.
  3. There will be minimal tracking. Like with most rules and regs, the space relies on us keeping ourselves and each other honest

Membership Signup Materials

  • Tim 7/8ths through script for new member video
    • Upon completion will do rough recording for commentary/feedback
    • Will break up information between the 2 tours and signup video (goal: have video be ~10 minutes long)
  • Feedback on mission statement

Neon Sign Bending Area

  • Jake set up area, first class when?

New Business

  • MMS Merch
    • Charlie (present) to work on transfers for shirts
  • Prusa Partner Program - Matt Stultz, Head of Prusa Community
    • They get marketing, “Prusa Certified Technicians,” networked resources
    • We are one of 5 spaces being approached
    • They send us a free printer (MK3s+)
    • We get referral codes to give to people for discounted printers, they act like partner codes so we get store credit
    • They can make us custom curriculum on their Prusa Academy website for us specifically to use

Pre-Planned Membership Proposals

  • Anderson: mushrooms!?

Member Topics

  • submission form, as used by Jeff re: test kiln proposal–should we keep the form, promote it? Yes and yes.
  • proposal from Dan to change $5 dues to more, to allow for more significant area distro vs. building the general fund. Perhaps a reminder to membership about what creates and drives and area (new/growth).
    • Ultimately a procedure needs to be established for how and why general funds are allocated to specific areas, re: area funds, membership, area-specific members' contributions, etc. Board & present members to consider and regroup later.
  • From Charlie - communication to neighborhood, via “free art gallery”, where a small “library” box is provided for scrap/free art supplies, materials, etc. Charlie to put it to membership.


  • Meeting was adjourned at: 9:21 pm
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