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Milwaukee Makerspace Board of Directors Meeting - August 19, 2021


  • Tim C
  • Jeff M
  • Bill R
  • Marcus S
  • Faith F
  • Alden H
  • Chris T
  • NA
  • Tony W
  • Jake B
  • Dan J


  • This month's libation of choice: Scotch
  • Provided by: Jeff Mann


  • Meeting called to order by Tim at: 7:13 PM
  • Last meeting's minutes approved by 6 with 1 abstention

New Business

  • Make 48
    • Contract must include a clause where the production company replace any machine(s) broken.
    • Work through potential issues with sponsors regarding Maker Faire versus Make 48…funding one or both.
  • Highlights of email from founder of Bodgery:
    • One of the things Make48 does in a regional competition is a ton of outreach to large local businesses to build support. Many of them came to watch during the build days, and all got tours of the Bodgery while they talked us up. Several of those companies donated to us directly:
    • Harley Davidson is sending us $750 for new tools
    • Alliant Energy is donating 15 three-month memberships ($2,250), which they’d like to go to under represented makers. We’ve been talking about creating these kind of scholarships for a few years, and this funding support is wonderful. We could partner with a local organization to identify makers of color, do outreach into the community, etc.
    • Tormach sent one of their main tech staff to help out, and she “forgot” an amazing set of gauges, tooling, and accessories in machining.
      • The Badger Bot team donated half of their “materials purchasing funds” ($100) from Make48 to us

One of the sponsors (tool brand Restorer) sent us a new “Restorer”, a handheld grinder/sander/etc tool for grinding/polishing metal and wood.

  • Total Boat donated the surplus of all the materials they sent

* MMS “Wants”

  • Flexibility to invest/distribute donated money as needed.
  • A break-you-buy clause for all machinery used.

* MMS Concerns:

  • MMS has final say on how tools can be used/not used
  • All members that want to be involved, can be involved.

* Must manage expectations and overcommunicate with the membership. * At this point: No call to action of membership

Current Financial Projections

  • Update from Jeff M
  • Membership currently 310 (Maximum was 380); Minimum was ~240 during Covid.

Maker Faire Milwaukee

  • Vote Passed by members to budget $10,000 for the 2021 Maker Faire


  • Update from the Wednesday Meeting with Carrie
  • Tim C to send Faire update email to members.
  • Faith has lead on signage and shirts
  • Event is MASK ONLY (as per MSOE campus protocol). Email from Tim will include section on health risk potential for volunteers.

New Business

Membership Signups


  • We have transitioned to meeting in alternative locations for Tuesday meetings. Going smoothly so far.
  • Comments from the people doing the signups—Overall Yes
  • Ensure each person, on each tour, has a sign up sheet.
  • Update WIKI to include new members to “members only” goggle group.

Space Improvement Day

  • Saturday, August 28th; 1 to 4 PM
    • Food plan: Marcus is taking the lead
    • Announcement on member board
  • MEET AT LENOX: Focus on West Room. Move finishing area?…requires power drops.

Power Wheels

  • Discussion on potentially moving it to Norwich to have more room for projects at Lenox east room.
  • Need to determine a location

Mask Mandate

  • Local businesses are returning to mask mandates. Infection and transmission of Delta Variant is possible among the fully vaccinated. Mask wearing is needed to slow transmittion risk
  • Alternative proposal to mask mandate: Require vaccination verification?
    • Is it enforceable? Probably, but not without massive board member workload.
    • Will the membership stand for it? Ridiculously unlikely.
    • Every Tuesday meeting Tim will remind members that if a member is wearing a mask and you enter that area, you shall wear a mask and need to ask the member if it is ok to remove your mask.
    • Ensure guests keep their masks on during public meetings, tours, etc.

Member issue

* Member sleeping on couches. * Gathering information, then work towards a solution.

President's minute

*MakerSpace engagement

  • Egg drop, Trivia night, other fun member events
  • Members construct patio for Norwich?
  • Change web site to have guests come to appropriate meeting site at ~6;30 to meet members prior to 7 PM meeting start.


  • Meeting was adjourned at : 8:46 pm
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