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Milwaukee Makerspace Board of Directors Meeting - June 17, 2021

Held Online via Jitsi Meet


  • Tim
  • Faith
  • Markus
  • Alden
  • Jeff
  • Bill
  • Chris
  • NA
  • Jake B
  • Tony W
  • Adrian V
  • Alex G


  • Meeting called to order by Tim at 07:05 PM
  • Minutes approved by 6 of 7 of present

New Business

Current Financial Projections

  • Update from Jeff M


  • Maker Faire Milwaukee has a set date of Sept 24th-26th, 2021
    • Seeking large-commitment volunteers for large responsibilities
    • Betty Brinn will return the Nerdy Derby track to MMS
    • Typical investment from MMS of ~$5,000
    • Considering larger investment for 2021 Faire (no investment in 2020)
    • BOD working to define measurable goals.
    • BOD working to define budget; specifically where dollars will be allocated
      • Signage: insure it can be used for multiple events
      • Support for member projects built specifically for the faire
      • Assist with member booth fees?
      • Makers selling products/goods must register with State of WI Dept of Revenue and pay sales tax

New Business

  • New member Veronica showed a draft mock up of mural to potentially be painted on the Norwich building tower wall facing Pennsylvania Ave
  • BOD discussion on current frequently used unofficial logo, simple designs, more complex designs.
  • Possible development of a new, updated, more inclusive logo

Membership Signups

  • Significant BOD discussion on where to hold meetings to help streamline new member sign ups
  • BOD Agreed on trying to following, starting July 1:
    • On even numbered Tuesdays, the member meeting will be held at Lenox building
    • On odd numbered Tuesdays, the member meeting will be held at the Norwich building
  • New members must attend a meeting and tour each facility prior to be signed up.
  • Tony W updated the web site
  • Tim will send out a wild apriot email message to all current members

Space Improvement Day

  • June 19th; 1 to 4 PM
    • Finalizing food plan
  • June 25.
  • Faith will work on Makers Faire announcement to hand out to attendees

Membership is currently 292, up from a Covid low of ~240


  • Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm
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