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Milwaukee Makerspace Board of Directors Meeting - April 15th, 2021

Held Online via Jitsi Meet




  • Meeting called to order by Tim at 00:00PM
  • Minutes approved by of present

New Business

Current Financial Projections

  • Update from Dan J/Jeff M

COVID-19 Reopening

  • Voluntary covid suspensions are being extended until September 2021.
  • Members need to let us know if they intend to suspend


1. Survey Results:
   * 91% of reporting members are vaccinated
   * Completely Anti Mask: 4
   * Masks should be optional: 4
   * Completely Pro Mask: 9
   * There should be vaccine verification: 3
   * General Sentiment is split, with more in favor of masks than not
2. Open for Member Ideas (may be timed to keep things moving and/or civil) 

3. Board Discussion (without member interruption)

4. Reopen for member discussion

5. Vote or Decision


  • Maker Faire Milwaukee has a set date of Sept 24th-26th, 2021
    • Seeking large-commitment volunteers for large responsibilities

New Business

Membership Signups

Potential changes:

  1. Touring both Buildings
    1. How do we get guests to tour Lenox? Sunday tours have been limiting
      1. Increase max tour size?
      2. Change tour date?
  2. Sign-up Process:
    1. Ask for photo identification (not for a copy, but for verification of sign up sheet)
  3. Give self-signup another go
    1. Send potential members a link to the new member video and to a new member quiz
    2. Successfully completing the quiz gives you a password to access the new member signup form


  1. Post Board Members in both buildings during public meetings; tours right after the meeting at each location; signups happen in Lennox at 7:30
  2. Up the minimum # of visits (1 Lennox, 1 Norwich, one to get signed up)
  3. For the next 4 weeks, Bill and Chris will be trained by Tim
  4. After that, we go off a schedule for signups

space improvement day

  • May 30th
    • Still need food plan (to be discussed after mask mandate discussion)


  • Meeting was adjourned at pm
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