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Milwaukee Makerspace Board of Directors Meeting - May 20th, 2021

Held Online via Jitsi Meet


  • Tim
  • Faith
  • Markus
  • Alden
  • Jeff
  • Bill
  • Chris
  • NA
  • Adam P
  • Kathy H
  • Dan J
  • Jake B
  • Tony W
  • Mike T
  • Tate


  • Meeting called to order by Tim at 07:03PM
  • Minutes approved by 7 of 7 of present

New Business

Current Financial Projections

  • Update from Jeff M

COVID-19 Reopening

  • Voluntary covid suspensions are being extended until September 2021.
  • Members need to let us know if they intend to suspend


1. Survey Results:
   * 155 respondents
   * 91% of reporting members are vaccinated
   * Completely Anti Mask: 4
   * Masks should be optional: 4
   * Completely Pro Mask: 9
   * There should be vaccine verification: 3
   * General Sentiment is split, with more in favor of masks than not
2. Open for Member Feedback 
   * Most member feedback supported following the CDC and City of Milwaukee recent Covid updates; with ideas 
     supporting members that want to wear a mask/want other members to wear a mask.

3. Board Discussion 
   * Important issue that requires a member vote.
   * 2 options:
     * Stay the course with current protocols
     * Offer an updated protocol based on current science and CDC guidelines:
       * 1) Vaccinated members: masks are optional (exceptions being: when "Masks Mandatory" posted in a 
         meeting or class invitation, and #3 and #4 below)
         Always bring a mask with you
         Vaccinated defined as two weeks after receiving the J&J vaccine or 2nd shot of Pfizer or Moderna 
         2) Non-vaccinated members: masks are mandatory when inside Lennox and Norwich buildings at all times. 
         Managed through honesty, self policing, and doing the right thing for the benefit of all members
         3) If you enter a work area (e.g. woodshop) and a member already in the work area is wearing a mask, 
         as a courtesy, put your mask on. You may ask the member if you may take your mask off; follow their 
         4) Trainers will determine the protocol they are most comfortable with for the training session (e.g. 
         # of attendees, trainee must be vaccinated, must wear a mask, etc) and will communicate their protocol 
         prior to the training session. Remember, these are volunteers sharing their time and expertise.

4. Reopen for member discussion
   * Continued discussion and improvement on Option 2 to ensure inclusion of members' needs.

5. Vote or Decision
   * Board will finalize the second option and bring to member vote salted for late May, prior to June 1st City of Milwaukee Covid Protocol update. 


  • Maker Faire Milwaukee has a set date of Sept 24th-26th, 2021
    • Seeking large-commitment volunteers for large responsibilities

New Business

Membership Signups

Potential changes:

  1. Touring both Buildings
    1. How do we get guests to tour Lenox? Sunday tours have been limiting
      1. Increase max tour size?
      2. Change tour date?
  2. Sign-up Process:
    1. Ask for photo identification (not for a copy, but for verification of sign up sheet)
  3. Give self-signup another go
    1. Send potential members a link to the new member video and to a new member quiz
    2. Successfully completing the quiz gives you a password to access the new member signup form


  1. Post Board Members in both buildings during public meetings; tours right after the meeting at each location; signups happen in Lennox at 7:30
  2. Up the minimum # of visits (1 Lennox, 1 Norwich, one to get signed up)
  3. For the next 4 weeks, Bill and Chris will be trained by Tim
  4. After that, we go off a schedule for signups

Space Improvement Day

  • May 30th; 1 to 4 PM
    • Finalizing food plan
    • Alden is looking into having a food truck on site (TBD)
    • Faith reaching out to members to get a good count of attendees.
  • Sign up deadline is June 25.
  • Board approved MMS participating.
  • An avenue to reopen MMS to the community
  • Jeff M volunteered to head up this project.
  • Members will be allowed to sell products they have made.
  • More information coming.
  • Will need member support

Call to Vote

  • All 7 Board members voted to approve Dan Jonke as Assistant Treasurer.

Additional Computers for Norwich

  • Evaluating purchasing 4 computers for the Norwich meeting room (currently 3)
  • Tony provided specs required to do CAD, etc.
  • Alden to evaluate a new supplier as prices have risen dramatically during the pandemic.


  • Meeting was adjourned at 8:27pm
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