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Milwaukee Makerspace Board of Directors Meeting - April 15th, 2021

Held Online via Jitsi Meet


  • Tim
  • Faith
  • Jake
  • Markus
  • Alden
  • Jeff
  • Kathy H
  • Dan J
  • Adrian
  • Tim Y
  • Linda S
  • Bill R
  • Dan


  • Meeting called to order by Tim at 7:01PM
  • Minutes approved by 5 of 6 present

New Business

Current Financial Projections

  • Update from Dan J/Jeff M

COVID-19 Reopening

  • Voluntary covid suspensions are being extended until September 2021.
  • Members need to let us know if they intend to suspend



  • Maker Faire Milwaukee has a set date of Sept 24th-26th, 2021
    • waiting on more information
    • Should we have a Board Member Point Person?
  • Markus wants to get a hardware bin for Norwich $200-225
    • probably 1-3 to replicate what we have at Lenox
    • we have enough hardware currently fill 1
    • All 7 vote yes to purchase - Purchased
    • Do we want more?
  • Markus suggests purchasing 2-4 M18 drills for Norwich ($40-60/each)
    • All 7 vote yes to purchase - cannot purchase til June at the earliest, unless HD has deal
  • date for the “Great Pottery Move” coming soon Pottery move has happened

New Business

Membership Signups

Potential changes:

  1. Touring both Buildings
    1. How do we get guests to tour Lenox? Sunday tours have been limiting
      1. Increase max tour size?
      2. Change tour date?
  2. Sign-up Process:
    1. Ask for photo identification (not for a copy, but for verification of sign up sheet)
  3. Give self-signup another go
    1. Send potential members a link to the new member video and to a new member quiz
    2. Successfully completing the quiz gives you a password to access the new member signup form

space improvement day

  • April 24th at Norwich location, but some will work at Lenox
  • individually wrapped food from Subway
    • Send an email out to the membership with a google survey to the different sub options
    • Send on Saturday the 17th, Tuesday the 19th, and Thursday the 22nd
    • Call in order the day before for 3:50pm pickup

Norwich Laser cutters

  • we have a new 60W laser cutter and we are getting a large 100W laser cutter on Saturday
  • Possible location across from the paint room proximity to exterior wall for venting and no doorways (for moving large sheets)
  • Rent the extra space, reduce other area?
  • Lasers in meeting room difficult. Carpet, smell, narrow doorway both for moving the 100w and large projects.

Steve B. Warning

  • For the 5+ time, Steve B. was occupying the same enclosed space as other members and not wearing a mask
  • Steve was sent an email on February 12th reminding him that he needed to wear a mask
  • Vote was called to give a formal warning:
    • Yes: Tim, Markus, Jake, Faith, Alden (a quorum, so vote passes)
    • Waiting: Jeff


  • Meeting was adjourned at pm
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