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Milwaukee Makerspace Board of Directors Meeting - May 21st, 2020

Held Online via Google Hangouts




  • Meeting called to order by Markus at x:xxPM

Review and approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting

  • Previous meeting minutes were approved by x in attendance.

Reports of Boards and Standing Committees

Treasurers Report

  • Find the current treasurer report here.
  • Update

Building Maintenance/Issues

  • Update

Reports of Special (Select) Committees

  • Update

Unfinished Business

Membership Engagement

  • Previous Status
    • Remember to suspend members before archiving them
    • Ideas:
      • Increase knowledge on classes available online or throughout space
      • Area champions sponsor events in their area with area funds
      • Makerspace facilitate classes by purchasing materials
      • See if members want to teach specific classes
      • Do we want to add a space for upcoming classes in the Tuesday meeting notes?
    • Add members-only board to the What Have You Been Hacking/Making email blast.
    • Direct Add members when signing them up to Members-Only board and Public Board
  • Updates

Space Improvement Day

  • Last Status
    • Skipping space improvement day until further notice
  • x Attendees
  • Update
    • Reorganize Cosplay Room for easier access to power outlets.

Bullet points/script for giving tours

Update member handbook and provide printed copy

  • Include something like a quick start guide of how to get trained?
  • Markus will look at handbook and edit it
  • Slide deck in wiki for new members
  • Solves: FAQ, Training questions, Cleaning, Lights, First aid

* Update

  • Need to print a small run of the brochures. Markus noticed a correction that needed to be made first.

COVID-19 measures

New Business

COVID-19 Reopening



  • Meeting was adjourned at x:xxpm
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