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Milwaukee Makerspace Board of Directors Meeting - August 22nd, 2019

Held at the Milwaukee Makerspace Entrance


  • Markus
  • Faith
  • Kathy
  • Carl
  • Pete
  • Steff
  • Billy
  • Jake
  • Adrian
  • Dan J


  • Meeting called to order by Markus at 7:01PM

Review and approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting

  • Previous meeting minutes were approved by 5 in attendance.

Reports of Boards and Standing Committees

Treasurers Report

  • Find the current treasurer report here.

* Update

Building Maintenance/Issues

  • Bill for graffiti removal was $390

Reports of Special (Select) Committees

  • Carl is in contact with the Makers mart people and we are on the list for 2020. He will continue to talk to them about holding a makers mart at our location.
  • Carl wants to invite non-members to the fusion 360 class

Unfinished Business

Membership Engagement

  • Previous Status
    • Remember to suspend members before archiving them
    • Ideas:
      • Increase knowledge on classes available online or throughout space
      • Area champions sponsor events in their area with area funds
      • Makerspace facilitate classes by purchasing materials
      • See if members want to teach specific classes
      • Grillers night out has been going on every week, need to post on TV
      • A member wants to do a Miniature painting class
  • Updates

New Flooring Proposal

  • Last Status
    • all 6 vote approval for flooring
    • 700 dollars for flooring est.
  • Update
    • Kathy found someone who is donating vinyl sheet flooring. Waiting to see if it will be dropped off or if we have to pick it up

New Building/Makerspace Annex

  • Last Status
    • Tom G was issued a Letter of intent
    • Rezoning and drawings in progress
    • Waiting on City to determine how they will handle land situation
    • City Council has voted yes to giving us the building for $1
  • Update
    • For now, West Allis building is off the table for environmental reasons

Lighting /Graffiti

  • Last Status
    • Exterior Building lighting - Tom G
    • Lighting the side of building attempt to reduce graffiti also talk to neighborhood
    • Big LED light was acquired that can be aimed.
    • Tom G waiting on an electrician to come by
    • Idea of a mural for the outside wall
      • need approval from city
      • Carl and Steff heading this
  • Update
    • Waiting for quotes from Tom

Maker Faire Milwaukee

  • Last Status
    • Tom G. said we can use his truck. If we need another, Pete can get one for probably less than $300
  • Maker Faire funding requests
    • Forms will be made for requests for funds -
    • how do we handle the budget with the outreach committee
    • discussion of funding flat amount or a match rate from fundraising
    • 6-1 vote to notify membership of a proposal requesting putting 5k toward outreach programs
    • Waiting on the plan for the 5K toward the Outreach Program until there is a budget outline
    • Vote Need to approve requests
      • Adrian $300
        • Pete: YES
        • Steff: YES
        • Faith: YES
        • Markus: YES
        • Kathy: YES
        • Billy: YES
        • Carl: YES
      • Pete $200 (travel funds for Akron Makerspace to attend)
        • Faith: YES
        • Markus: YES
        • Carl: YES
        • Pete: YES
        • Steff:
        • Kathy: YES
        • Billy: YES
  • Update
    • Jake resubmitted his funding proposal for $500
      • Faith:YES
      • Markus:YES
      • Carl:
      • Pete:YES
      • Kathy:YES
      • Steff: NO
      • Billy:
    • Karen for $50
      • Faith: YES
      • Markus: YES
      • Carl:
      • Pete:YES
      • Kathy:YES
      • Steff:
      • Billy:
    • Open house on Saturday night after the Faire at the space
      • Carl will head this and wants a budget for the event
      • Food, DJ
      • Faith is asking a friend for DJ quote

Space Improvement Day

  • Last Status
  • # Attendees
  • Update

Storage Options

  • Last Status
    • Move Maker Faire, Make-A-Thon, Power Wheels supplies to self storage unit
    • Tom recently started renting 1000sq.ft
    • Billy talked to Bay View storage and is waiting for hear back
    • We can also ask if members have any extra personal storage for Makerfair/Powerwheels supplies
  • Update
    • We need to get this taken care of preferably before Maker Faire

New Member Orientation

  • Last Status
    • Worth reintroducing? Carl has been doing this weekly, only about 2 people have shown up. He will continue until the board meeting and then decided if we should continue it or not
    • Carl, Pete and Steff working on script and tours
    • Need to make edits to handbook
  • Update
    • Carl says not worth doing and will not continue

Bullet points/script for giving tours

  • Last Status
    • similar to wood shop
    • encourage and boost confidence for more members to give tours
    • more consistency of topics covered
    • cover more of our culture and what to expect (training, storage, behaviour)
    • Do we want a bulleted script for tour guides
    • Steff and Kathy C will survey new members
    • Do we want a quiz after becoming a new member for the simple/everyday things?
  • Update
    • Live stream tour of the space next week, Tuesday. Pete will be cameraman while Carl will be the one talking

Update member handbook and provide printed copy

  • Many people more likely to read and remember printed things
  • Gives new members something to do while waiting to sign up
  • Include something like a quick start guide of how to get trained?
  • Markus will look at handbook and edit it
  • Give each new member a copy
  • Give handbook at first tour, then have the new member verify that they read it: quiz potential
  • Face to face instruction instead of the video
  • Carl will come in 30 minutes before Monday class for new member orientation
  • Slide deck in wiki for new members
  • Solves: FAQ, Training questions, Cleaning, Lights, First aid

Signage for 5 minute ToDos

  • What can someone do to help an area/the space if they have 5 minutes?
  • What are tasks that can be done without much guidance/knowledge?
  • Enable and encourage members to spend a few minutes cleaning while waiting for a training, someone to show up, glue or paint to dry….
  • Encourage area champions to contribute to a list/ sign
  • Give a list when new members sign up
  • Mark tasks in space improvement day list as repeatable for new members or volunteers
  • Suggestions from area champions

Reinstating members previously removed by the Board

  • I would like to have a new rule regarding the return of members that we had previously removed from the Makerspace.
  • I propose that before such a member can be signed back in again it must be a unanimous decision by the Board of Directors to take that member back.
  • Update
    • Adding a new line on the sign up sheet to check off if they've been a member before
    • Markus wants to add a list of members who we should be wary of signing up again
    • new procedure write-up for signing up members

Old Dumpster Pad

  • Remove old pad and replace with compacted gravel for an additional parking spot
  • Update
    • It’ll be in the fall when Cathy’s dad has slow time at work

Revisit the issue of "Commercial Work"

  • Implement a “High Score” board to help expose tool usage data to the membership at large
  • Dan J.
  • I think it would be helpful for member engagement if we could expose more data about tool usage.
  • I would like to send out an automated email once a month, like the area funding email, containing “Most productive maker” awards. That shows who has been using each tool the most.
  • I would also add a page to the website that contains “High Scores”, for the current month, the highest ever month, and the highest cumulative all time usage.

New Business

  • Spending Area FundingP.P.
    • Markus or Andy becoming electronics area champion to spend the money and stock things that are missing



  • Meeting was adjourned at 7:41pm
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