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Milwaukee Makerspace Board of Directors Meeting - March 21st, 2019

Held at the Milwaukee Makerspace Craft Lab


  • Dan
  • Colleen
  • Kathy H
  • Markus
  • Becca
  • Pete
  • Billy K
  • Steve
  • Tony
  • Adrian


  • Meeting called to order by Markus Schneider at 7:09PM

Review and approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting

  • Previous meeting minutes were approved by 6 in attendance.

Reports of Boards and Standing Committees

Treasurers Report

  • Find the current treasurer report here.
  • IRS fine was revised.
  • We may want to discuss the wisdom of paying a CPA to file on our behalf. We did this several years ago and it cost us $300 per year.
  • If we do not, we should make a greater effort to review our filing with multiple people before sending to avoid a recurrence.

Building Maintenance/Issues

  • Update
    • Power reel HAS NOW BEEN installed in Craft Lab

Reports of Special (Select) Committees

  • Outreach committee - Planning stages for fundraisers for the spring.

Unfinished Business

Membership Engagement

  • Previous Status
    • Empowering members. Gift cards or other recognition for going above and beyond.
    • Another newsletter will be sent
    • Abuse in the Metal shop is still occurring see Lost and Found Box notes

Clarification of Policy on teaching classes to non members

  • Last Status
    • Propose to clarify language on wiki, vote if this is acceptable - Dan
    • Members can teach a class to non-members, but must get BOD sign-off first.
    • We need to be sure that safety protocols are in place that will not risk a claim against our liability insurance.
    • All guests MUST sign the liability waiver before class.
    • Make it clear that if a member accepts payment for the class, they are no longer covered by the space's liability insurance and should buy their own.
    • Does not apply to guests working on personal projects.

* Flooring

  • all 6 vote approval for flooring
  • 700 dollars for flooring est.
  • New building
    • Tom G was issued a Letter of intent
    • Rezoning and drawings in progress
  • Lighting /Graffiti
    • Exterior Building lighting - Tom G
    • Lighting the side of building attempt to reduce graffiti also talk to neighborhood
    • Big LED light was acquired that can be aimed.
  • ADA Compliance - to be presented by Chris H.
    • Issues facing, prospective members.
    • Non-formal assessment of ADA was done
    • Ramp may be looked into this spring or when we redo the parking lot
    • Chris H got approved to get more estimates
  • Maker Faire Milwaukee
    • Update from Pete P.

New Business

  • Spring Elections
    • Discuss the plan…
    • postions up for election : Treasurer, secretary, member at large, facility director
    • Nominations open up April 2nd
    • adrian and markus will coordinate the elections
  • Wiki login for new users
    • new members get a error message 'Self registration is currently disabled…'
  • Makerfaire funding requests
    • Forms will be made for requests for funds
    • how do we handle the budget with the outreach committee
    • discussion of funding flat amount or a match rate from fundraising
    • 6-1 vote to notify membership of a proposal requesting putting 5k toward outreach programs
  • Large projects in the east room
    • What is “large”?


  • None


  • Meeting was adjourned at 8:38pm
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