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Milwaukee Makerspace Board of Directors Meeting - November 15th, 2018

Held at the Milwaukee Makerspace Craft Lab


  • Billy K
  • Colleen
  • Dan J
  • Kathy H
  • Pete
  • Markus S
  • Rebecca G
  • N/A
  • Tony
  • Bobby
  • Dean R
  • Chris H
  • Rick B
  • Kathy C
  • Adrian
  • Ray C


  • Meeting called to order by Markus Schneider at 07:01PM

Review and approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting

  • Previous meeting minutes were Approved

Reports of Boards and Standing Committees

Treasurers Report

  • Find the current treasurer report here.
  • We have received letter offically granting a 60 day extension.
  • New record for most active members.
  • Vote was approved for general funds to pay for board member food for meetings at 6:26pm.
  • We are still looking into getting a non profit CPA for free or for a fee.

Building Maintenance/Issues

  • Previous status
    • New outlet reels for welding area, craft lab area - est. cost >$120
    • Focus on Energy Credit for LED bulbs has been submitted, they no longer fall under the energy credit due to product relabeling.
    • Parking lot needs to be repaved, BOD President will coordinate with Tom G for quotes ($20,000 estimate)
  • Update
    • Billy found out Johns Wastes Disposal was way cheaper then what we are paying now and when Billy called to inquire what it would take to get out of our contract they offered to match.
    • Also Billy looked into our internet and we can not only reduce our payments but also gain faster bandwidth. Dan also offered (If still has it) an extra modem for makerspace use.
    • This account needs to have the president's name and contact info updated with every new president elected on the on the bill and the bill's spread sheet in the notes section.
    • Unanimous vote to change Spectrum plan and get the lower price with Advanced disposal

Reports of Special (Select) Committees

  • No Special Committees for this meeting.

Unfinished Business

Membership Engagement

  • Previous Status
    • Empowering Area Champions
    • Another newsletter will be sent
    • Abuse in the Metal shop is still occurring
  • Update
    • TBD

Maker Faire Area

  • Last Status
    • Concerns about Maker Faire Area Champion Duties
    • Challenges with MF Champion not being on BOD anymore
    • Suggestion: The BOD can provide guidance/template how to run the MF area
    • Suggestion: Shift responsibility for budget/financial approvals to BOD
    • Mat M was removed as Maker Faire Area Champion
  • Update
    • All voted to put savings from first months of savings from the internet and waste disposal will go to funding the new area of Community Outreach Program

MATC Program

  • Last Status
    • We had 8 members sign up for the free trial out of about 25 offered.
    • 2 of those renewed at the $40 a month rate.
    • Dan had a meeting to discuss implementing a discounted membership for students.
  • Update
    • TBD

Membership Self Sign-up

  • Last Status
    • Markus will try self sign-ups at the next public weekly meeting
    • Markus will get a laptop/computer to use at signups
    • Potentially get a PayPal or Square chip reader for credit card transactions
  • Update
    • TBD

Laser Lab Exhaust Filter System

  • Last Status
    • Use charcoal based filters to eliminate odor
    • See Markus for design and proposal
    • BOD budgeted $700
  • Update
    • TBD

Clarification of Policy on teaching classes to non members

  • Last Status
    • Propose to clarify language on wiki, vote if this is acceptable - Dan
    • Members can teach a class to nonmembers, but must get BOD sign-off first.
    • We need to be sure that safety protocols are in place that will not risk a claim against our liability insurance.
    • All guests MUST sign the liability waiver before class.
    • Make it clear that if a member accepts payment for the class, they are no longer covered by the space's liability insurance and should buy their own.
    • Does not apply to guests working on personal projects
  • Update
    • TBD

New Business

  • Anodizing proposal
    • Kathy Cannistra sent an email on February 15th proposing to put the anodizing station in the vault hallways in the area where to grill currently is. Venting options would be out the door, through a new wall hole or tubed through to the paint room fan.
    • Kathy is plagued with a chalky mess, needs time to figure out where its coming from
  • Make a Thon
    • Request from Kathy C.
  • Wood Shop Briefing
    • Rick Pretch
  • Space improvement day
    • TBD
  • New Topic #4
    • Order a larger dumpster for the space.
  • New Topic #5
    • Wine Project Proposal


  • None


  • Meeting was adjourned at HH:MM
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