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Milwaukee Makerspace Board of Directors Meeting - August 15th, 2018

Held at the Milwaukee Makerspace Craft Lab


  • Markus
  • Tim
  • Dan
  • Marcin
  • Kathy
  • Pete
  • Colleen
  • Rick
  • Adrian
  • Brandon M


  • Meeting called to order by Tim at 19:00

Review and approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting

  • Previous meeting minutes were Approved

Reports of Boards and Standing Committees

Treasurers Report

  • Find the current treasurer report here.

Building Maintenance/Issues

  • Previous status
    • Colleen to get professional cleaning and maintenance for Vacuum cleaners
    • Vent fan needed for Cosplay area for heat - est. cost $80-$120
    • New outlet reels for welding area, craft lab area - est. cost >$120
    • Focus on Energy Credit for LED bulbs has been submitted, waiting for check
    • Parking lot needs to be repaved, Tim will coordinate with Tom G for quotes ($20,000 estimate)
  • Update
    • Back hallway door near vaults push bar was installed

Reports of Special (Select) Committees

  • No Special Committees for this meeting.

Unfinished Business

Vault Hallway

  • Previous Status
    • Colleen will talk to Tom G for hallway heater
  • Update
    • No update

First Aid Training

  • Previous Status
  • Update
    • Pete made a sign
    • Markus will send videos to the members-only group

Membership Engagement

  • Previous Status
    • Empowering Area Champions
    • Another newsletter will be sent
    • We have been hearing complaints from many areas
  • Update
    • Abuse in the Metal shop is still occuring
    • We would like to implement an access control system for our machines
    • Tim will investigate a commercial system called SafetySpot

Member Accountability

  • Last Status
    • Kathy updated ticket/permit PDFs
    • Pete will help Kathy link the PDFs
    • Pete will update wiki documents
  • Update
    • No update

Maker Faire projects, funding, etc. Review

  • Last Status
    • Propose to send an email to members about the yearly Maker Faire Milwaukee funding commitment
    • $5,000 was voted for and approved
    • Form is available to ask for funding
    • No more moniez but more requests are coming in
    • Mat to determine how much more money for increased budget request
    • Concerns about Maker Faire Area Champion Duties
    • Challenges with MF Champion not being on BOD anymore
    • Suggestion: The BOD can provide guidance/template how to run the MF area
    • Suggestion: Shift responsibility for budget/financial approvals to BOD
  • Update
    • The BOD will address this after Maker Faire

BOD Proposal Form

  • Last Status
    • BOD discussed a proposal form that members would fill out when making any requests for the BOD
    • No one likes the form
  • Update
    • No update - To be stricken from next meeting

MATC Students Form

  • Last Status
    • Allow students to become members where MATC pays for membership
    • MATC will then allow MMS members access to use MATC facilities, equipment, and instructors
    • 8 members started then tapered off
    • Bob from MATC is concerned with insurance, still no ETA for MMS members at MATC
    • Free membership experiment has ended, MATC students must pay individually
  • Update
    • Some MATC members have signed up
    • Dan is disusing with MATC about future partnerships with students

Revamp of sign-up sheets

  • Last Status
    • Additional questions to be added
    • Kathy will update form
  • Update
    • Kathy created a 2nd info sheet
    • Done - To be stricken from next meeting

Handicap Parking

  • Last Status
    • The owner of any vehicle found illegally parking or standing in the handicap space including the striped handicap loading zone without a valid handicap permit will result in an immediate formal warning and a 1 month suspension from the Milwaukee Makerspace.
  • Update
    • We also posted another sign
    • Done - To be stricken from next meeting

New Business

  • Anodizing proposal
    • Kathy Cannistra sent an email on February 15th proposing to put the anodizing station in the vault hallways in the area where to grill currently is. Venting options would be out the door, through a new wall hole or tubed through to the paint room fan.
    • Kathy is plagued with a chalky mess, needs time to figure out where its coming from
  • New Topic #1
    • Wild Apricot membership self sign-up requiring admin approval (see Markus)
    • Markus will try self sign-ups at the next public weekly meeting
  • New Topic #2
    • Improvements for Tall Storage (see Brandon M)
    • Suggestion #1
      • Split current storage into 2 sections
      • One side for free items
      • Other side max 2 week storage
      • After 2 weeks the stored items move to free side and are now up for grabs
      • Brandon M will make a divider and signs
  • New Topic #3
    • Area Champion/BOD vault for tools (Milwaukee, powdercoating gun,glaze ingredients, things to be installed for space improvement…)
    • To be used as a secure storage for high value items
    • Other idea to expand ceramics area into Tiffany's vault and repurpose the current ceramics vault into a normal vault
  • New Topic #4
    • Laser Lab Exhaust Filter System
      • Use charcoal based filters to eliminate odor
      • See Markus for design and proposal
      • Budgeting $700, Markus will inform members and then BOD will vote


  • None


  • Meeting was adjourned at 20:02
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