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     * To be discussed at next BOD meeting (in May)     * To be discussed at next BOD meeting (in May)
-  * **Suggested Membership Changes** 
-    * Dillan Laughlin https://​​d/​msg/​bod-milwaukeemakerspace/​Xzmmv6yVY9E/​yBA-iESQAQAJ 
   * **Suggested Membership Changes**   * **Suggested Membership Changes**
     * Dillan Laughlin https://​​d/​msg/​bod-milwaukeemakerspace/​Xzmmv6yVY9E/​yBA-iESQAQAJ     * Dillan Laughlin https://​​d/​msg/​bod-milwaukeemakerspace/​Xzmmv6yVY9E/​yBA-iESQAQAJ
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