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Milwaukee Makerspace Board of Directors Meeting - January 18th, 2018

Held at the Milwaukee Makerspace craft lab


  • Marcin P
  • Mat M
  • Adrian V
  • Tim C
  • Pete P
  • Kathy H
  • Steff M (via Skype)
  • None
  • Dan J
  • Marcus
  • Tony W
  • Linda
  • Kathy C
  • Colleen
  • Austen
  • Mike E
  • Billy
  • John H


  • Meeting Called to order by Adrian at 19:01

Review and approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting

  • Previous meeting minutes were Approved

Reports of Boards and Standing Committees

Treasurers Report

  • Find the current treasurer report here.

Space Equipment Inventory

  • Previous status
    • Kathy to ask Area Champions to update the Wiki with equipment in their area(s).
    • Paused due to Maker Faire, Kathy is continuing to work on it.
  • Update
    • No Update

Building Maintenance/Issues

  • Previous status
    • Roof work started on Saturday (11/11), waiting for the invoice.
  • Update
    • Complete, work finished and invoice paid

Reports of Special (Select) Committees

  • No Special Committees for this meeting.

Unfinished Business

Property tax exemption

  • Previous status
    • Found the original letter, must wait to re-apply next year with better evidence.
  • Update
    • Tom G will contact our lawyer and try again

New camera system

  • Previous status
    • Good progress, soon to be finished
  • Update
    • Metal finishing area has camera
    • Need another camera vantage point for alley, pointing north
    • Need computer for viewing and recording

Willie's Boat Area

  • Previous Status
    • Board is accepting proposals and included them in the annual survey for the memberships feedback.
    • Survey will remain open until more responses are received.
  • Update
    • In the immediate time frame use as short-term project storage
    • Long term to be the new area for 3D printers
    • Racking needs to be purchased for vault hallway

Long-term Budgeting

  • Previous Status
    • Create a list of “house projects” to establish funds for
    • Sit down with Tom G about price points that have previously been estimated
    • Call out to 3rd parties for getting estimates
    • Adrian and Dan are working on it
  • Update
    • Stricken, no momentum

Front bar redesign

  • Previous Status
    • Redesign continues and will be complete by Holiday Make-A-Thon
  • Update
    • Complete, shelving in place and items will be put back

Membership Engagement

  • Previous Status
    • Board will create a newsletter for important events.
    • Empowering area champions.
  • Update
    • We have a template and will send the first issue
    • Area champions feel that they are empowered

First Aid Training

  • Previous Status
    • Every phone and exit door has emergency contact info
    • Focus on CPR and first aid training
  • Update
    • Billy will seek out professional training (free) for members

Member Accountability

  • Last Status
    • What to do about Member accountability
      • Board discussed member behavior accountability.
      • Create a stick
    • Reinforce to members about unauthorized activities at the space.
    • Champions signing parking permits for other areas is becoming an issue.
      • Wiki for parking permits and ticketing system will be updated.
  • Update
    • Complete, Pete and Kathy to confirm

Area Champion Interest

  • Last Status
    • Increasing Area Champion Interest
    • Issue Warning if you violate a Champion
  • Update
    • Complete, no further discussion

Maker Faire projects, funding, etc. Review

  • Last Status
    • Waiting for survey results and compilation of numbers
  • Update
    • See survey for responses
    • Having the truck one day earlier would be nice

New Shelving Plans

  • Last Status
    • Mat needs to draft a proposal
  • Update
    • See updates for Willie's boat area

Survey Results

  • Last Status
    • Waiting for more responses
  • Update
    • Results published
    • Nothing surprising

Jewelry Area

  • Last Status
    • Board will sell the watchmaking parts
  • Update
    • Complete, parts were sold

Colleen Leahy's proposal

  • Last Status
    • Topic shelved, to be discussed later
  • Update
    • Members are interested
    • Will use Cooties Room
    • Cosplay Area with Colleen as Area Champion: Board votes yes (absent: Adrian)

Possible new fields in Wild Apricot for Vehicle Information

Remaining Laser Cutters

  • Last Status
    • Board voted on Brant's proposal as such:
    • Donate them to a Wisconsin/Illinois/Minnesota Makerspace
    • If still here by Jan 1st, then offer to members for money
    • If still here after 2 weeks, then dispose of them
    • Pete has asked Appleton Makerspace if they want them
  • Update
    • Complete, extra laser cutters are now at Appleton Makerspace

Paper towel purchasing

  • Last Status
    • $100 to be budgeted for purchase
  • Update
    • Complete, towels have been purchased

Hiring a professional to auger the men's room toilets

  • Last Status
    • Board voted to hire plumber
  • Update
    • Steff will take lead to find a plumber

Richard Bowman's hardware area

  • Last Status
    • Board wants to split proposal into 2 areas: Tools vs Hardware
    • Board wants Rich to ask the membership for interest and commitment to funding
  • Update
    • Stricken, no response from Rick

Food at Board Meetings

  • Last Status
    • Currently spending around $100/month
    • Should we continue?
  • Update
    • Complete, discontinue food

Rik as Landscaper

  • Last Status
    • Rik wants to be an area champion landscaper
    • Rik to submit a budget
  • Update
    • Board votes Yes with Adrian absent

New Business

  • Vault hall member storage abuse
    • Need to promote members who have had a positive impact on the makerspace
    • Certain member(s) are using it as personal storage and are lapsed
    • Empower facilities director to enforce current storage rules
    • Update the emails for lapsed accounts to include warning about losing storage
    • Kathy H is proposing that vaults have an acceptance criterion and members must submit an application
    • To be carried over as an agenda topic
  • Dumpster and Handicap parking
    • Move wheelchair spot closer to door (via Bill Williams)
    • Tabled until parking lot is repaved
  • Monitor at each door to see who is there before opening (via Bill Williams)
    • Dan will buy peepholes (budgeting $100.00 or less)
    • Tony will design a camera and screen system (budgeting $500.00 or less)
  • Seeking permission conduct a mixed methods research study at the Milwaukee Makerspace. Research topic is about the leadership skills necessary to start and maintain a volunteer community-organized and community-operated makerspace. Study would be composed of interviewing people in present and past leadership roles and to solicit general membership to complete a survey (Kathy Cannistra)
    • Approved
  • Pallets available
    • Kathy H will reserve one pallet for short-term project storage at $6/month
  • Woodshop broken saw fence
    • Resolved by area champions
    • Seems to be ignorance and not malicious use
  • 3D Printing room build
    • Mat to create a proposal that includes a design and layout that is compliant with building codes
    • To be carried over as an agenda topic
  • Power Wheels going vertical
    • Purchase racking for vault hallway
    • Members will move their items from GD racking to vault hallway
    • Powerwheels will buy GD racking and move it to their corner
    • Powerwheels will move pallets to repurposed GD racking
    • Then we will have more project space in east room
  • Solid Works
    • Computers to be donated
    • Cannot have competing CAD software
    • To be locked down
  • Dalek Asylum
    • Survey says Yes
    • Officially Funded Area with John H as Champion: Board voted Yes (absent: Adrian & Steff)


  • Multiple people believe that the condition of the space has worsened after moving SID to quarterly


  • Meeting was adjourned at 20:51
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