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Milwaukee Makerspace Board of Directors Meeting - October 19th, 2017

Held at the Milwaukee Makerspace craft lab


  • Kathy H
  • Steff M
  • Tim C
  • Mat M
  • Andrian V
  • Marcin P
  • Pete P
  • Rick S
  • Steve P
  • Tony
  • James T
  • Dan J
  • Marcus
  • Tom K


  • Meeting Called to order by Steffanie Maher at 19:05

Review and approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting

  • Previous meeting minutes were Approved

Reports of Boards and Standing Committees

Treasurers Report

  • Find the current treasurer report here.

Space Equipment Inventory

  • Previous status
    • Kathy to ask Area Champions to update the Wiki with equipment in their area(s).
    • Paused due to Maker Faire, Kathy is continuing to work on it.
  • Update
    • No further updates at the moment

Building Maintenance/Issues

  • Last status
    • Membrane installed incorrectly on roof
      • Tom Gralewicz reports that when fixing the roof, we found that the membrane had not been installed correctly. He's spoken to the company that did the job and the new owner has offered to fix it for free if we pay for parts. The board accepted this offer.
      • A quote was started and Tom Gralewicz should have it. Board to follow up with Tom Gralewicz for update.
    • Roof to be fixed in the next couple weeks!
  • Update
    • Need to follow up with Tom for ETA
    • Money is still set aside

Reports of Special (Select) Committees

  • No Special Committees for this meeting.

Unfinished Business

Property tax exemption

  • Previous Status
    • Paperwork filed with Assessors office on 2/22
    • Adrian to follow up. No other update.
    • They didn't approve an exemption. We do not know why we were denied. Get document from Keith.
    • September/October 1st.
    • Letter for reason was dropped off, Board to review.
  • Update
    • Can't find the original letter
    • Don't know the details why we were denied
    • We will try to continue and follow-up

New camera system

  • Previous Status
    • 8 cameras online
    • Second new system awaiting installation
    • One exterior camera will be installed after awnings are installed
    • Bill would like one additional camera in the wood shop
    • Currently have three camera systems, will be adding a fourth. Do we need or want to consolidate?
    • Tony and Keith are working on installation/configuring.
    • Back hallway camera needs to be mounted.
    • Steffanie to follow up with Keith to figure out status.
    • Camera installation will be added to Space Improvement Day Projects.
    • Board discussed areas that may need additional cameras.
    • Tony offered to help get them up and running.
    • Delayed but will be installed over the winter.
  • Update
    • No Update

Willie's Boat Area

  • Previous Status
    • Has Willie vacated the area yet?
    • Willie is almost done with a few other items to be removed.
    • Board is accepting proposals and will include them in the annual survey for the memberships feedback.
  • Update
    • Waiting for feedback from membership
    • Steff will send another survey for more feedback

Signs & Awnings Outside

  • Previous status
    • Awnings on hand awaiting screen printing and warmer weather
    • May install during Space Improvement Day if weather is nice. Steffanie to print (in some fashion) the logo on the awning.
    • Steffanie is still working on it.
    • * Steffanie has all of the supplies and it should be done soon.
    • Dan did a thing with it.
      • Making stencils.
    • Steff is “promising” they will be done by the end of Space Improvement Day.
  • Update
    • We have the stencils, the spray paint, and the concrete anchors
    • Steff will have it done by 11/4

Long-term Budgeting

  • Previous Status
    • Create a list of “house projects” to establish funds for
    • Sit down with Tom G about price points that have previously been estimated
    • Call out to 3rd parties for getting estimates
    • Adrian and Dan are working on it
  • Update
    • No Update

Front bar redesign

  • Last Status
    • Kathy to work on finding items to rearrange/organize the front entrance.
    • Tom K. and Kathy H. to work on building a new entrance design.
    • Have seen Kathy H. and Wolfgang working on it.
    • Needs Paint and Plastic for backing.
    • Contact membership about removing items from front project table.
    • Kathy going to Midland Plastics to get the acrylic.
    • Kathy posting to get rid of the front bar.
  • Update
    • Bar and table are gone
    • Karren will varnish/stain the cubes
    • Kathy needs help from Wolfgang to cut Polycarbonate panels for the back

Membership Engagement

  • Last Status
    • Membership Engagement
    • Board to generate ideas for Engagement ideas.
      • Ideas: Space leaders/influential members and big event bulletin boards.
    • Steff is working to setup a T-Shirt/logo design event and planning to reach out to Hal.
    • Ideas are still being generated.
    • * New Ideas
      • Member of Awesomeness - Free membership at the end of the year for the most recognized member.
      • BOD/Area Champions reimbursement at end of term if they did their job well, voted by members.
      • Looking for more ideas!
      • Newsletter on a monthy or bi weekly basis. Amber Z. and Markus S. have offered to start this project.
      • Follow up with Amber Z. and Markus S.
    • Markus S. has been delayed due to outside work.
    • Pete to create a template and to help Markus.
    • We still had low attendance at Space Improvement Day (around 10).
    • Kathy C to coordinate Space Improvement list email blasts to encourage continual involvement as a subcommittee of facilities.
    • The Board voted unanimously to move Space Improvement Days to quarterly.
      • October Space Improvement Day canceled.
      • Quarterly is to encourage fewer bigger days to generate more members.
      • Further encouragement of Area Champions cleaning their area.
  • Update
    • No progress on Email Template
    • Should we contact individual members especially since SID is quarterly now
    • Raffle didn't help
    • Try newsletter for members-only group
    • Will add question to survey about potential rewards, gifts, etc for SID
    • Potentially reduce dues for participants
    • Potentially punish someone for not cleaning after reviewing the tapes
    • Tony: People need to know expectations for using tools and clean up afterward
    • Steff: People seem to not care about cleaning up
    • Enforce cleaning during the weekly tours
    • Adrian: Members (especially board) should tell people that they should be cleaning up and make sure they understand the expectations of the space
    • Adrian: Take a photo of their mess so that they are aware and for proof

First Aid Training

  • Last Status
    • Board to research options for training.
    • Discussion about Makerspace adding AED - Steff/Pete to do more research on AED.
    • Board reviewed legality of first aid and other training.
    • Pete waiting to hear back from First Aid group.
    • Amber Z has Lifeguard Information that she is willing to share. Will follow up with Amber Z.
    • Steff to follow up with Amber Z.
  • Update
    • Amber is busy with school
    • Need to ask Pete if we can still get CPR training for free?
    • Tony: AED doesn't make sense because it is only for very specific situations and it would be quicker to get professional help instead
    • It takes more time to use the AED vs calling 911 and waiting for first responders
    • Adrian will update the emergency contact info with building address for all the phones

Member Accountability

  • Last Status
    • What to do about Member accountability
      • Board discussed member behavior accountability.
      • Create a stick
    • Board will continue to discuss.
    • Want to encourage communication with Area Champions and Membership.
    • Board is feeling better about the response to dangerous member behavior.
  • Update
    • Steff: Some people are signing their own 2 week parking permits (she has photos)
    • Some details are omitted (expiration)
    • Forgery will have automatic warning from BOD
    • Update Parking Permit to have Printed Name of BOD or Champion
    • Board Members should not sign their own Parking Permits
    • Tim created a “Stick” GDrive for notices
    • Keep an eye on Cars if left unattended for more than 3 days
    • No oil changes
    • No keeping vehicles in garage for long periods of time
    • Adrian: Nick C needs to be formally told about the black stuff on the parking slabs
      • Steff will tell him that he has 2 weeks to clean it up
      • If he doesn't do it, then issue warning

Area Champion Interest

  • Last Status
    • Increasing Area Champion Interest
      • Member of the month was discussed.
      • Discussion of negative feedback loop when items break.
      • Steffanie plans to communicate with Area Champions to find out why they choose to be Area Champions.
      • Set up a meeting
  • Steff is holding meeting after the BOD Meeting.
  • Update
    • Steff talked to Champs
      • The burden of training is currently on the Champions availability
      • Switch the burden of availability for training from the Trainer to the Member
        • More formal Training on a Periodic Schedule
        • Scheduled Training needs to be Posted on the Wiki and physically in the Area
    • Wood shop regular training is helping to disseminate the information
    • Sewing Machine in Leather Area it owned by space and vote to remove it
    • Issue Warning if you violate a Champion

Maker Faire projects, funding, etc. Review

  • Last Status
    • Discussed by the board.
    • For the future a proposal must be presented to the Maker Faire Area Champion.
    • Pete drafted a form for Maker Faire project proposals.
    • Maker Faire Area Champion felt that there was some communication challenges around type of funding (grant, loan, etc.), project ownership, and the process of requesting.
    • Discussion of loans, grants, etc. for funding type.
    • Going to poll the membership in the annual survey.
  • Update
    • Survey has Questions especially about spending Money, Steff will send questions to BOD
    • Mat wants a Stick for Breach of Contract (i.e. Katana)
      • Steff: Don't let him Train others on Tools he is not actually Trained on
      • Tom says to send letter for him to return the money from Maker Faire

New Business

  • Driveway
    • Still leaks
    • Quote is expensive ($24,000)
    • Existing repairs used incorrect material, needs to be repaired by digging out
    • Tony: Concrete is an asset, asphalt is an expense, can be used to improve property taxes
    • Steff will use self-leveling stuff to fill the hole
    • For now, concentrate on the Roof instead
  • James: Bob K wants to bring locomotive into space for 3-6 months to work on
    • Kathy to find space for rent
    • Doesn't need clearance/space all around it
  • Mat: New Shelving Plans
    • Proposal:
      • In backroom buy correct size shelving (Tom has quotes)
      • Members move their stuff to back shelving (after some timeframe it will be moved for you)
      • Existing tall shelving to be bought by Powerwheels and moved where gaylord is in order to store powerwheels that are currently ontop of pallets
      • Then more space for work area in east room
    • Mat will talk to Pete and draft a formal proposal
  • Tom - Laser Updates
    • 30W has large bed and is working, to be coordinated with Brant
    • 2 others have burnt tubes and burnt electronics
    • Tom wants to take Red 30W home
    • Steff: Reach out to other spaces for the broken lasers
  • Tom - Membership has plateaued
    • Have potential location in Waukesha that is expandable
    • Can benefit others, more space for people and projects
    • Steff - Need to determine Logistics
      • No duplicate board
      • Would need to add 2nd facility director and at-large position
      • Potential use a Special Committee
    • Tom will post and start holding meetings to discuss
    • Adrian: Wants proposal to say that it's not guaranteed and wants 2nd space to be 100% autonomous


  • None


  • Meeting was adjourned at 20:56
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