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Milwaukee Makerspace Board of Directors Meeting - March 16th, 2017

Held at the Milwaukee Makerspace craft lab


  • Keith McMillan
  • Harvey Matyas
  • Dan Jonke
  • Tom Klein
  • Erich Zeimantz
  • DL Swanson
  • Carl Stevens
  • Tom G.
  • Tony
  • Adrian


Meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM by Keith.

Review and approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting

Reports of Boards and Standing Committees

Treasurers Report

  • Gained 2 family, lost 2 members - membership stayed the same at 281 members
  • Made aproximately $3,000 last month
  • Large amount of area funding, no area spending last month
  • Dan added graphs to the Treasurer Report.

Space Equipment Inventory

  • Previous status
    • Inventories from areas coming in, DL has been working with the procedure - will have done by end of year
    • Intends to involve area champions
    • pictures of equipment slowly coming in
  • No update

Building Maintenance/Issues

  • Last status
  • Membrane installed incorrectly on roof
    • Tom Gralewicz reports that when fixing the roof, we found that the membrane had not been installed correctly. He's spoken to the company that did the job and the new owner has offered to fix it for free if we pay for parts. The board accepted this offer.
    • awaiting warmer weather
  • Update
    • Tom Gralewicz is waiting warmer weather.

Reports of Special (Select) Committees

Space Projects Update

Wax sculpting for casting area

  • Last status
    • BoD will allow for wax station to find home on wheeled cart until enough interest is raised for permanent floor space
  • Board discussed if we need another champion.
  • Keith is of the opinion that not enough people can be independent in the area, requires advanced skills and only a few people have them.
  • Update
    • Board decided to remove this discussion from the list until area champion update.

Wood shop dust collection

  • Previous status
    • Steve is working on the dust collector with Kyle
  • A cyclonic collector has been offered to the space. The board voted unanimously to approve it if the area champions want it.
  • Update
    • Collector is here, waiting for switch to be fixed.

Unfinished Business

Property tax exemption

  • Previous Status
    • Paperwork filed with Assessors office on 2/22
  • Update
    • Property tax exemption has been filed, waiting to hear back.

Utility rates

  • Previous Status
    • Paperwork sent to Wisconsin Department of Revenue for sales tax refund
  • update refund received on 2/28

New camera system

  • Previous Status
  • 8 cameras online
  • Second new system awaiting installation
  • One exterior camera will be installed after awnings are installed
  • Bill would like one additional camera in the wood shop
  • Currently have three camera systems, will be adding a fourth. Do we need or want to consolidate?
  • Update
    • Tony and Keith are working on installation/configuring.

Willy's Boat

  • Willy continues to to be seen working on the project.

Signs & Awnings Outside

  • Previous status
    • Awnings on hand awaiting screen printing and warmer weather
  • No Update

Long-term Budgeting

  • Previous Status
    • Create a list of “house projects” to establish funds for
    • Sit down with Tom G about price points that have previously been estimated
    • Call out to 3rd parties for getting estimates
    • Adrian and Dan to work on it
  • No update

Member Free Storage Space

  • Previous Status
    • DL will draft policy and circulate
      • Short list
        • no more duplicate spaces per member ie, members with pallet will not have shelf space ect.
        • reduce storage size per square foot

Second Building

  • Last Status
    • Tom has presented an analysis of adding a second space
    • February Treasurers report doesn't appear to support rent on a second building with current cash flow
    • Tom and Dan to come up with some proposals to membership
    • Lance suggested a grant to another group to start a second space
    • Chris remarked that other makerspaces only give people a tote for member storage
    • Keith suggested we ask the members if they would pay a higher dues rate to support a second space
    • Lance suggested a sliding scale for rental space, with the rate going up over time
    • A suggestion was made to time limit rental space explicitly when the space is rented.
    • Dan to create a new survey for the membership
  • Update
    • Pausing until property tax exemption is complete.
    • Keith to follow up about property tax exemption re-filing.

New Member Sign-ups

  • Last Status
    • Require Google Groups subscription to match Wild Apricot
    • Board discussed automatically adding members to the members only list as web-only - add link to group to Wild Apricot
    • Film Dan doing The Spiel and play on a loop - filming completed on 2/28
    • Announce during meetings that applications need to be in before 8:30
    • Board agreed to ask for address verification on signups
    • Keith will prepare a “how do you become a member” card/sheet to include address stuff, DL says she has one
  • Update
    • Waiting for Carl to finish The Spiel loop.

Access server

  • Has been crashing, Dan replaced during Space Improvement Day
  • Update
    • Finished, has not crashed recently.

Weld area champion

  • Dan is primary now because Marc resigned.
  • Keith encouraged him to find another champion]
  • Update
    • Dan working on identifying another champion.
    • Discussed the CNC plasma cutter status. The Board voted unanimously for the removal of the CNC plasma cutter.

New Vacuum Cleaners

  • There's been discussion of needing new vacuums, but the board doesn't have a proposal in hand
  • Rick has proposed vacuums for carpet cleaning
  • Update
    • There was concern that a filtering vacuum might not work as well as a bagged one with all the debris the space has
    • Keith has a Kirby he can donate, he will bring it in to see how it works for the space.

New Business

  • Ceramics Area bringing in a kiln - Steff
    • Steff not present, no update.
  • Bay View Gallery Night participation
    • update Board voted unanimously to participate in Bay View Gallery Night and Amy to coordinate
    • Board also voted unanimously for up to a $100 refreshment budget.

Good of the Space

  • Tom Gralewicz brought in a bunch of industrial can shop vacuums.
    • There has not been interest in the vacuums yet.
    • Tom Gralewicz to send reminder/last notice. If no interest, Tom Gralewicz to remove.
  • Dan asking to bring hydraulic press from Tom. Board voted to approve, Dan abstained
  • Adrian asked about getting more Ryobi drills. Board voted unanimously approving Adrian to buy 3 more drills.


  • Tom Gralewicz let the board know that he is going to buy another air line kit.
  • Keith: Data cabinets still available to take home.


  • Adjourned 7:45 PM
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