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Milwaukee Makerspace Board of Directors Meeting - December 15th, 2016

Held at the Milwaukee Makerspace craft lab


  • Kayla
  • Carl
  • Tom
  • Dan
  • Keith
  • Harvey
  • DL
  • Steve


Meeting was called to order at 7:01 by Keith

Review and approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting

Reports of Boards and Standing Committees

Treasurers Report

  • Current Funds $66,423.01
  • Estimated 6 month Operating Expenses: $6,413.54
  • Current Committed Area Funding: $6,413.54
  • Current funds less reserved and committed: $15,009.47
  • Note:This number is much lower than last month because our Insurance Policy (3 years) and Property Tax (yearly) were recently paid.
  • YTD Cash Flow
  • Income:$124,124.69
  • Spending: $95,078.78
  • Net: $29,045.91
  • YTD Net Income with Funding Commitments: $22632.37

Space Equipment Inventory

  • Previous status
    • Inventories from areas coming in, DL has been working with the procedure - will have done by end of year
    • Intends to involve area champions
    • pictures of equipment slowly coming in

New Equipment/Donations

  • Previous status
    • Stainless steel rollers still in East Room, Adrian needs to get pictures and put on Craig's List
  • Update
    • All gone - remove from agenda

Building Maintenance/Issues

  • Dumpster Pad needs repair
    • Last status
      • Quotes received from two companies to repave the lot. Board selected the Poblocki Paving concrete quote as being more durable and requiring less maintenance ($27,000)
      • The board would like to target repaving the lot next year
      • This has been added to the member survey
    • Update
      • Membership voted down repaving the parking lot - table until further notice
      • move to spring survey - membership doesn't seem concerned
  • Alley doors - remove manual locks
    • update - in progress
  • Membrane installed incorrectly on roof
    • Tom Gralewicz reports that when fixing the roof, we found that the membrane had not been installed correctly. He's spoken to the company that did the job and the new owner has offered to fix it for free if we pay for parts. The board accepted this offer.
    • update
      • Carl will talk to Tom about this

Reports of Special (Select) Committees

Space Projects Update

Wax sculpting for casting area


  • Wax station goes on wheeled cart

4x8 CNC Plasma Cutter

  • Previous status
    • CNC Plasma online
  • Update
    • Online and looking pretty! classes will continue.
    • Remove from agenda going forward


  • The board is in agreement that the Kuka is not serving wide enough use and intends to crowd source to the membership for contacts to then sell/remove from property.
  • Previous status
    • Jake sent an email requesting that we hold on to it as a space tool.
    • List online and encourage members to push a sell.
      • Half money for the person selling, Half money for 'space. Under 1200 'space wants 600 more than 1200 we want half.
      • List until Dec 15 weekend closest weekend
    • Kayla email members
  • Update
    • Several conversations have been had about selling for scrap or donation or place it in the front yard.
    • The plan:
      • Carl will continue the conversations with 3rd parties interested end of next week
      • If not see if Betty Brinns is interested
      • If not, research making it a yard sign
      • finally, scrap
      • unanimous vote for this line up

Wood shop dust collection

  • Previous status
    • “Green” dust collector online
    • Bill C /brant will create budget for updating collector
    • BoD previously authorized $500, approximately $250 used so far
  • Update
    • Bill and Brant discussed Bill's concerns and agreed on a course of action for the Green collector
    • White collector hookup not started
    • Steve will communicate with Bill will and take on job if Bill is unavailable

Unfinished Business

Eye wash stations

  • Previous Status
    • BOD approved funding for eye wash stations July 2015
    • BOD and Tom disagree on what kind of station to use and where to install it
    • Meanwhile we don't have a short-term fix in place
    • Added to agenda by BrantH
  • add to SID list - portable eyewash stations by all first aid stations
  • Board voted unanimously to buy portable stations and install by sinks

Property tax exemption

  • Previous Status
    • Our lawyer (Stephanie) has agreed to help us, but we have missed the window for this year. Tom and Stephanie will work on this later in the year for next year.
    • Tom moving forward and is ahead of game
  • Keith will move forward on this then work with steph
  • Board voted unanimously to authorize funds to have Steph help us with paperwork - estimated at $250.00

Utility rates

  • Previous Status
    • Keith has sent paperwork to WE Energies for them to fill in their part for sales tax refund - awaiting return of same
  • Update
    • Paperwork sent to Wisconsin Department of Revenue

New camera system

  • Previous Status
    • All wiring runs pulled, some need termination
    • Board will look at a retention period after the camera system comes fully on line
    • Kathy thought up the idea of placing small monitor by one entrance so members can see who is outside and better determine who we are allowing in the the building.
    • board prioritized the following areas for cameras
      • pottery area / vault area
      • door 4 “smoking area” by dumpster
      • public entrance door / door 1
      • when funds available - east room
  • Update
    • 7 of 8 available cameras online: East Room (2), Vault Hallway (2), Outside Door 4, Wiring closet
      • Need additional exterior camera for door 1
      • System expansion?
  • Update on update
  • Do we want to upgrade existing systems?
    • yes
  • do we add new system?
    • yes
  • Board voted unanimously to buy additional cameras and a system to add more capacity - $476.82 - Scott S already has some equipment on hand system

Willy's Boat

  • Willy continues to to be seen working on the project. Project continues to live.
  • Previous status
    • The board will continue to request updates and monitor the progress
    • Project continues to be live
    • Recently moved but is still moving forward - estimated completion spring 2017
    • Willy is even including members

Update still alive

Member Survey

  • Survey is under review and membership should see release of survey soon.
  • Previous status
    • Carl volunteered to take this on, and sync up with Brant to get some input
    • Drafts in review - Keith and Dan will colab for new questions
  • Update
    • Survey complete

Signs & Awnings Outside

  • Previous status
    • Tom has proposed some awnings
    • Question added to the member survey since the cost is close to $1000.
    • Mockups given to Tom Gr.
    • Kayla draft up bay doors design
  • Update
    • Members approved expense to add awnings
    • City has requested dimensional drawings for the awnings, Keith has asked Brant to help in AutoCAD

Craft Lab II: Trade Craft!

  • Previous status
    • The board discussed possibly making a larger area comprised of some of the smaller current areas.
    • Area reorganized November 6
    • Who's the area champion for the combined area? Wiki updated?
    • Jon H pointed out the vacuum former needs more room to be used, current location is by the electric source


  • move large black rack to impound area
  • Need to add additional outlets - add to space improvement day list.

Long-term Budgeting

  • Previous Status
    • Adrian suggested we should be setting aside a budget for large building expenditures
    • Board discussed how to operationally do this, agreed we need to determine what costs to forecast
    • Adrian will work on this more after Maker Faire


  • DL will make a list of expensive things to budget for (e.g. new roof, new furnace)
  • Ask Tom if he can easily give us a guesstimate, otherwise split up the list among board members to call some contractors for a ballpark estimate

Maker Faire

  • Last Status
    • The board agreed to have a question on supporting Maker Faire 2017 on the annual survey

Update survey results received - MFM will be talked closer to date

Member Free Storage Space

  • Previous Status
    • DL expects to have all the space inventory wrapped up in the next few weeks
    • we're running short again
    • bathroom storage needs to be looked over
    • DL will look over storage
    • new spaces to be added to wild apricot
    • Tom look for lockers at auctions
    • Add to survey questions regarding storage vs new facility
  • Action taken - DL will draft a policy update for the board to review in January
    • Short list
      • no more duplicate spaces per member
      • reduce storage size

Calendars / Class Signups / Events

  • Calendars are a challenge, only board members can update the GCal, the groups aren't well suited to signing up for classes, not everyone has access to update the Wiki (or the knowledge about how to do so)
  • Dan says the next version of Wild Apricot may very well have some help for us


  • no update
  • still waiting for apricot

Website redesign proposal

  • Last status
    • Carl to continue with his new design ideas and put up a parallel version next to our current site for further feedback.


  • Carl is moving forward

New Business

  • Discussion of member survey results
  • How do we get more trainers? - Keith
  • Gamify space improvement day - Keith


  • Do we implement door prises?
  • Do we change the day SID falls on. Sun to Sat?
  • Find a way to train new trainers
  • Bring up for next meeting

Good of the Space


  • Carl sent our condolences to Woodworkers gym


The meeting was adjourned at 9:09

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